NBS Teaching Approach

Pioneered by Narayana Business School faculty, the case study method is known as one of the most effective tools for teaching general management and leadership and for delivering practical, action-oriented knowledge. With a focus on timely global business challenges, each case study enables you to identify relevant issues, consider and evaluate possible solutions, and then apply this learning to your organization.

While the NBS's case method is the foundation of our teaching approach, Narayana Business school also maximizes learning through a carefully integrated mix of lectures, small group discussions, presentation and Team-building exercises.

Your learning experience is further enhanced by a wide range of the latest technology, including computer simulation, web casts, video conferencing and other interactive media. In addition, your campus is equipped with computer's that provides full internet capabilities and easy access to our program intranet for class schedules, assignments, and teaching materials, as well as participant and faculty biographies.

Our programs are taught by full time Narayana Business School faculty, not by adjunct professors or consultants. As a result, you will have the opportunity to interact with recognized through leaders who not only conducted the research, but also developed the cases, articles and books that have redefined modern management practices.

To promote diversity and building sense of community, you will be assigned to a living group that remain intact throughout program, you will find yourself immersed in learning with a diverse group of leaders whose global insights and perspectives will impact your thinking as much as your interaction with faculty. Unlike other, our teaching approach provides the tools and knowledge for you to make more effective decisions and positively impact your owns performance.