Why MBA?

Why MBA?

Colossal reasons to pursue MBA degree. First and the foremost being the enhanced knowledge vis a vis post graduate streams. It’s actually up to the student to involve itself to such an extent and work towards their dreams to make it a reality by following all the activities and assignments given in MBA. Coming to the key pointers of change which can be expected are as under:


The overall syllabus is usually comprised of changes in the industry. As they are conducted by universities, the pace of change is usually slower for the change of course. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Also it provides extensive knowledge of theories and principles derived by renowned management gurus of the world.

Better Communication Skills

This is the most important aspect of MBA degree where student is able to build or enhance their communication skills. Communication skills until graduation are not pursued not very strongly by students but due to their aspirations they want to achieve through this degree the faculty instills the need for having strong communication skills. Different colleges have got different pedagogy for building communication skills amongst students.

Self Confidence

You will over a period of time develop self confidence amongst yourself. The reason for less or no confidence is usually lack of proper exposure of student to various aspects of practical situations. They are given opportunity to work on various projects which can be on the campus or off the campus. The various projects that are designed help increase confidence amongst them.


There would be lot of times where students are not motivated to perform particular work due to lack of motivation. Due to design of syllabus in a particular way, they would actually be motivated to learn the new and interesting aspects covered in it. There are various tasks that are a part of the MBA degree that help them learn about various self-motivation techniques. Further syllabus allocation with regards to self-motivation also plays a part.

Enhanced Public Image

As a fresh graduate, you only understand yourself as a student and not as a person. These are the times where you are made to be aware about yourself which is also called as Self Awareness. Rather than only thinking about what you think about yourself, you have you’re though process bent towards trying to understand the implications of your action on individual or the crowd.

Organised Thought Process

As you get into the details of the syllabus and its various activities, you have to arrange your thoughts in such a way that it becomes easy for your concerned person to understand you better. This is the heart of the communication process where you learnt the priorities to be given to plethora of topics.

Here, at Narayana Business School there are validated and proven methodology developed to achieve the end goals of pursuing MBA also know the benefits of MBA . There have been lot of proven methods like case study method or focused discussion groups that enhance the overall MBA experience at Narayana Business School.