Why Should One Choose Integrated BBA + MBA Over a Regular One? Here are 7 Reasons that will Clear the Unclear

Why should one choose an Integrated MBA over a regular one? Here are 7 reasons that will CLEAR THE UNCLEAR.

Today’s student appears to be more visionary and thus plan to make an early choice. The reason for this is the increasing importance of competitiveness and the formation of super-specialized verticals in the corporate that demands well-equipped personnel. The promising future prospects for technical professionals have prompted students to seek out courses in which they may enroll early and thereby competently graduate without having to spend additional money and time.

The Integrated BBA + MBA Program is a five-year program for students who have completed class XII and want to pursue a career in business management. It improves students’ managerial abilities, knowledge and overall developing their personality which is a corporate fit. Students who choose to pursue a five-year integrated BBA + MBA will have multiple advantages.

Here is the list of reasons that CLEAR THE UNCLEAR:

  1. Catch up young: Students enroll in the program at a younger age thus are like a “raw clay” that is less rigid and can be molded better keeping in mind the corporate pre-requisitions. The students at this age are more creative, more eager to learn, have a larger room for making experiments, taking risks, failing, and fighting back. Thus, these students have a larger scope of making the valuable experiences much early than the usual ones.

  2. Gives you larger room to make a choice: A regular MBA gives you 1 year to understand the market dynamics and your personal choice before finalizing the specialization that will write your fate. Here the case is different and you have 3 years’ time before making a final move. Within these 3 years, you also get to have a proficient understanding of corporate and placement scenarios, thus you can make a wiser move.

  3. Core specialized curriculum: The curriculum will have no course or subject repetition throughout the five-year program which is prevalent in the case of the usual MBA because of the fact that multiple people from various disciplines join a master’s in Business management. In the case of an integrated program, students get the advantage of learning more non-repetitive subjects which gives them an edge over any other management postgraduate. Additionally, students learn specializations for more than a year unlike the case of regular MBA.

  4. More access to corporate exposure: The Integrated program offers more internship opportunities that in turn adds up considerably to the individual candidature. Secondly, students have access to a larger number of curricular projects, live projects, presentations, etc. that contribute significantly in the practical understanding of the concepts thus contributing to better decision-making ability.

  5. Personal and professional competence: Integrated course gives a 5-year rigorous platform for continuous training and learning with multiple personality development programs that carve
    and shape the overall personality of the candidate in a shining gemstone.

  6. Edge in placements: As discussed earlier, the student in an integrated BBA + MBA program has a larger access to a number of subjects, internships, projects, presentations which make candidates well versed with the market dynamics creating an edge over other job aspirants.

  7. Saves your time and money: It saves time, money, and effort in hunting for colleges, entrances, etc. post your graduation degree. Where that time can be effectively used for transforming your overall personality and knowledge towards your vision. Additionally, post the completion of graduation one has to go for some work-ex for understanding the business world practically, here all this exposure is incorporated in the program.

So, appended are the reasons for better clarity in making a decision. Additionally, one more bonus
reason to go for the program is longer campus life and stronger peer bonds for a lifetime. These bonds
can sometimes turn you into another Sachin or Binny Bansal or maybe the team of Riteish Agarwal with
some competent start-up program.
So, pull up your socks for the rigorous journey of learning that will help you to be a future leader.

Ms. Shraddha Mittal

A faculty from the Department of Strategy and Innovation, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the area of Strategic Management. She has experience of 8 years in teaching and by her unique methods makes the subjects more interesting and relatable with the practical world. Having an entrepreneurial approach, she tries to develop the same in her students through a wide variety of engagement activities.

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