What is PGDM?

What is PGDM?

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. PGDM degree helps the candidate achieve a corporate ready status in a more flexible way. The duration of the course is two years full-time management course which is offered by many institutes in India. The courses can be classified in the four or six semesters depending upon the different institutes and their curriculum. These courses are actually offered by institutes that are recognised by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). These courses follow broadly the curriculum given by AICTE in its model curriculum. In fact, all the institutes try to give more and better than the model curriculum to stand out in the crowd of various institutions offering the PGDM.

The program PGDM and PGDM course details, designed under the overall guidance of a high level Academic Advisory Committee, features the contents of similar programs run by the best ‘B-schools’ of national and international repute within India and abroad. The program sensitizes the participants to the contemporary concerns facing the Government and the Corporate Sector, as also the country as a whole.

This program has factored in the inputs that would capture the latest approach of the Government to enter into various ventures with private partners. This has thrown open new vistas of challenge for the private corporate sector and requires the private corporate sector to understand and appreciate the business environment on different footings.

These autonomous institutions are not universities and that’s why they strive to be better than the MBA institutions. The overall purpose of institutes offering PGDM is to churn out better citizens who are equipped so strongly that they can influence the workings of any corporate they are working with. This will overall be able to bring about a strong positive change in the development of the country. The knowledge imparted here has the strength to bring about a big change in the overall growth through small, concentrated and focused efforts.

Those willing to pursue this course have a very clear goal in their minds. Also there is an aim to be able to live a better life style with the help of strong education. This course does not have a very bookish approach to concepts and it deals with the actual application aspect of the concepts. The overall tailoring of the curriculum is done in such a way that it suits the mentality of the students who are keen to learn the practical aspects of all the commercial functions.  It happens so that the overall course is very rigorous in nature as practically lot of concepts needs to be learnt and applied and therefore it becomes very rigorous in nature. Students are on their toes while pursuing this course and therefore you will find a lot of people in top management who would have done their PGDM from premier management institutes.

If you actually pursue this degree meticulously, you can actually uplift your overall standard of living. Thus, the bottom line is that it provides you with extraordinary value addition to enhance your life for better.

At Narayana Business School know the pgdm course details, there are lot of success stories with regards to those who have completed Flagship PGDM and they are doing excellent in their lives. Stories of alumni from corporates lives of students who are successfully running their own ventures and excelling in their jobs. Here it is made possible to have a better vision of life and achieve it.