Top 5 brands to watch in 2019 and Why? 

top 5 brand in 2019

Despite doing hard work and being consistent in the management studies it is very important for the candidates pursuing the MBA degree to know about the latest trending corporate beasts in the business market to achieve their goal of the successful life. As the corporate world undergoes through regular and constant changes in the market, it is crucial for the candidates to have updated knowledge about the trending industry brand. Every aspirant dream of having fatter paychecks in his/her pockets. The key point to achieve this is to have a good job in one of the major corporate companies in the corporate world. Gathering the knowledge of what is happening around the world and taking decisions in your journey to success according to that is the golden recipe to achieve that goal. 

Acquiring an MBA degree in the major specialization and understanding the insights of the corporate world with the latest knowledge of the top brands in the corporate world will definitely provide a candidate an edge over his/her competitors. According to the India skill report 2019, the hiring rate of the candidates has increased to 15 % in this year as compared to the 10 % rate in 2018. The best sectors in the industry to watch out brands in 2019 are BFSI, IT and Manufacturing. 

This guide will help you to go through the top brands in the sectors of the corporate word which will have a colossal impact on the employment opportunities in 2019 

Best brands in top sectors of corporate industry are:  

  1. BFSI (Banking, Financial Services,and Insurance): The sector includes some of the famous brands of the corporate world which will generate a lot of employment opportunities this year. The sector is quite sturdy as we all are aware of the decline of the sector in 2008. Almost 70 % of companies in the country are responding to the candidates having MBA degree in management and data analytics.  

The sector offers a plethora of roles in different domains like sales, accounting, finance etc. Aspirants can aim for different roles in the vast land of opportunities provided by different corporate giants in the sector. 

Hiring rates of the candidates for different specializations are:

top 5 brands

The best brands in the sector to watch out are: 

  • ABC Consultants 
  • DLF  
  • Kelly Services India 
  • Yes Bank
  • HDFC bank 
  1. FMCG (Fast- Moving Consumer Goods):  This one of the largest sectors in the Indian economy. The country has doubled its contribution rate in global consumption. With new modular technology advancements, the sector is going to generate a lot of employment opportunities in the future. The Indian government has permitted almost 100 % foreign direct investment in the retail market which has offered many rural manufacturers to gravitate their business towards the modular technology advancements. The market sector achieved a huge milestone of increasing the growth rate up to 15 %. The startup trend is increasing in the market. This projected a great rise in the employment rate of MBA aspirants. 

The major headhunters in the sector are: 

  • Godrej 
  • Nestle 
  • Dabur 
  • HUL 
  • AMUL 
  1. IT (Information Technology): The sector has paved its way to the top globally. Indian IT firms have ameliorated its standards by decreasing the cost of services as compared to the other countries. With the incorporation of around 70 % talent of digital market in itself, India is not far away from being the most wanted technology hub of the world. 

From huge corporate giants to small manufacturers, no matter the scale every business headhunter is including latest IT technologies in their business to pave their way to the top in the corporate world. Almost 8 in 10 companies in the country are hiring candidates with data analytics and information technology specialization in management degree. With the strong back hold of the government and private Indian IT firms, the country is investing a huge amount of money in the sector generating a lot of opportunities for the candidates. 

If you are good in handling high work pressure and have mastered the ability to multi-task then this sector is the best to opt among other sectors due to its perks like fatter paychecks, increased rate of promotion etc. 

The Top brands to watch out in 2019 are: 

  • Infosys 
  • TCS 
  • Adobe 
  • Reliance 
  • HP 
  1. Risk management: One the most complex sector in the corporate world which has gained a lot of popularity in past few years. As in 2018 a lot of rural industries joined the urban corporate world, a number of opportunities are projected to be offered by different companies as each and every one of them wants to manage the risks efficiently. As robust services are expected from the insurance companies in the corporate world, the successful brands in the sector are offering a number of opportunities to candidates in the management specialization. 

With strong back support of the investments made by HDFC ergo in the insurance sector candidates having top-notch command on their management skills are definitely going to put fatter paychecks in their pockets by availing the golden opportunities. In 2018 the country witnessed the joining of huge e-commerce corporate giant Flipkart in the insurance space with Bajaj Allianz. 

Each and every business company needs to manage and analyze the risk and plan the future strategies according to them to achieve a stronghold in the ever-shifting corporate world so every headhunter in the market is in search of candidates with high potential in management skills. If you have acquired an MBA degree with management specialization, 2019 year is definitely going to be the year of unlimited opportunities for you. 

Best brands in the sector are: 

  • Bajaj Allianz 
  • DLF 
  • ICICI Bank 
  • YES Bank 
  • PwC  
  1. Infrastructure Management: With increased urbanization in the country, the sector is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays.The growth of the industries in this booming sector relies on careful strategic planning and management. 

The sector is solely responsible for growing the Indian economy at an astronomical rate. Initiatives like Housing to all and Smart city development is definitely going to generate a lot of employment opportunities for the candidates. With an immense scope of improvement and upgradation in the national highways of the country, there a massive scope for the candidates to avail job opportunities in the sector. 

Best brands in the sector are: 

  • L&T 
  • Reliance 
  • Magnanimous Infrastructure 

Summarizing the Above 

There are a lot of companies in the different sectors which are going to generate a lot of employment opportunities in 2019. In a nutshell, the growth in different sectors of the corporate world which are going to have a massive impact on the employment rate of the candidates in different domains of MBA degree are as follows: management studies top 5 brands

The projected hiring rate of candidates according to their specialization is: top 5 brands of 2019

These are some latest trends in the major sectors in India which are going to have massive impact on the employment rate. Understanding what goes around the world and polishing your skills according to that is the golden recipe to achieve success in your life. Research extensively, plan your strategies and hone up your skills to land a good job with lucrative salary in your hands.  

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