Top 10 Reasons to Study an MBA from Best Business School in  Gujarat 

mba in gujarat

MBA degree has probably become the most opted post-graduated course in India. Engineers, computer professionals, an arts graduate, and other bachelor’s degree holders are pursuing MBA and related management programmes to build a techie-manager combo. This is undoubtedly boosting their career trajectory. There are more reasons why studying MBA from Gujarat will give more return on investment. 

A survey by General Management Admission Council (GMAC) reveals that 96% of employers (who took part in the poll)  assert that recently hired MBA graduates are creating value for their companies. This assertion says it all about the popularity of MBA college in India and outside.  Hence it is important to choose the right place for pursuing such a relevant degree.  

Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat have a unique edge when it comes to education and career. Being having a business-oriented culture throughout the state, Gujarat provides a flourishing environment to young MBA graduates.  

There are even more reasons to take on an MBA degree from the best business school in Gujarat. 

 1. Post-MBA pay package 

Gujarat has been developed to provide opportunities in terms of employment. The students from the best business school in Gujarat have been placed with higher packages in the state and around the globe. Native entrepreneurship, a historical edge in commerce & trade and simply good governance has led Gujarat amongst top three fastest-growing states, for fiscal 2017. This means that the state is self-sufficient in providing high pay-packages to its MBA graduates. 

2.More career opportunities  

Management courses like MBA and PGDM imbibe better understanding of the business world. The internship or training provided by the MBA college in Ahmedabad and the state of Gujarat, is helping to acquire skilful administrative and managerial positions such as Business Development Executive, Sales & Distribution head, even in the initial phase of the job. With Gujarat’s GDP growing at 12 percent every year for the last 12 years, it is becoming a land of in-house opportunities. The array of industries has something to offer for almost all specializations of MBA programme. 

3.Formation of a Network  

The curriculum of the best business school in Ahmedabad creates the need for developing interpersonal relations, in order to be a part of the business arena. The network formed during pursuing of MBA or PGDM courses goes a long way in future to help at every possible instance of one’s career.  

4.Enhanced communication skills  

MBA and PGDM courses are in fact known for transforming a student’s personality, especially communication skills. The initiative by PGDM college in Ahmedabad as value added courses such as HR Excellence, training and development certificate provides students with the relevant platform to give right words to their thoughts and articulate in front of a gathering.  

5.Become a business leader  

Tracy Cote, Chief People Officer, Genesys once said that when employers come across a candidate with an MBA, it is assumed that he/she has been trained to think critically about the business in a financial context and has been trained to solve business problems.   

This statement directly means that the employers consider MBA graduates as a business leader, who can lead themselves, as well as others, from the very first day of their job.  

6.Larger Perspective of Business World  

The MBA college in Ahmedabad follows the programme structure where almost every field of the business world is covered; be it information technology, logistics, productions, strategical areas, entrepreneurship, etc. After given basic knowledge of the management and business, the students can opt for a more detailed area of business, as per their interest.  

Gujarat also holds many records in terms of economic development; it contributes 20% of India’s Industrial output, 35% of India’s pharmaceutical products and 51% of India’s petrochemical production, 22% of India’s export, 24% of India’s textile production. For an MBA graduate, these stats mean a lot as they can have a wider variety of choice while landing into the business world. 

7.The unique value of an MBA  

The value of an MBA from the best business school in Ahmedabad can be judged during promotions and economic downturn. Some industries, such as consumer marketing, corporate finance, and commercial banking prefer an MBA for promotion to more senior positions, especially in harder economic situations.   

8.An MBA can increase your salary.  

MBA is the first choice of even the highly paid and well-positioned professionals. The Executive MBA college in Ahmedabad which offers rigorously designed management studies from experienced trainers is preparing them for better opportunities, in terms of positions and pay packages. Based on a recent survey by Bloomberg Businessweek, the employees have gained 80% increase in their salaries upon MBA graduation.  

9.A ticket to white-collar jobs  

The aspiring MBA graduates are well-groomed to represent themselves on white-collar jobs. Their wide understanding about business, their skills in the different section of business, the inherent confidence and the ideas for development make them best suited to sit at a managerial position in the company.  

10. Better entrepreneurial understanding  

As a fun fact, Gujaratis own more than 17,000 hotels and motels in the US and they are also key players in the multi-dollar diamond export business, all over the world. These are just a few of the instances for prove that entrepreneurship is in the air of Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat.  An MBA and PGDM college in Ahmedabad not just include entrepreneurship as a subject study in one of its semesters, but the entire curriculum revolves around building best entrepreneurs in the world. The study of wealth management, strategic financial management, international finance & trade, risk management, and others are provided to build a strong base for future entrepreneurs.  

Not just economically or politically, but Gujarat is also a socially viable state. It is the safest state in India (crime rate is 8.2 which is least in India), with least crime against women. Choose Gujarat for your MBA degree and see the transformation you needed. 

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