Sureshot Tips for Winning in Group Discussion Round

The countdown to admissions in reputed MBA colleges have begun, students have started preparing themselves for different entrance tests of B-schools. Group discussion is one of the most important part and mandatory phase from which a management course aspiring student has to clear in order to get admission in MBA College of their choice.

The activity of group discussion is carried out by nearly all top MBA colleges and best of private B-schools. This test is aimed at testing creativity, public speaking ability, reasoning ability, learning skills, general knowledge and many more personality traits of the students. In order to select the right students for their institutes colleges conduct group discussion, as the competition among students to get admission in good MBA colleges is very high. Many students develop a cold feet and lack confidence while going through this test, but there are few fears and things which they need to overcome in order to perform good in group discussions.

 Stop Negative thoughts

In group discussion positive attitude and thoughts are extremely important in order to put your best foot forward. Students who want to clear the group discussion phase should refrain themselves from any negative thoughts and projections. First of all stop comparing yourself with other fellow candidates, just keep yourself update with latest general knowledge and communicate your views with confidence. 

Refrain from Overconfidence

Many students who score well in MBA entrance exams sometimes get over confident that they would also clear the group discussion round with flying colors. But stop yourself from this self-damaging overconfidence, as best of MBA colleges select candidates, who have knowledge about different issues like politics, present economy, social problems, etc.

 Stay away from Anxiety

A student should try to stay composed and calm when preparing for the group discussion. In order to overcome anxieties just have a mock GD session in front of your friends or in front of the mirror by speaking clear and aloud on different topics.

 Keep yourself Updated with Knowledge

Group discussion is also to test how knowledgeable you are. MBA aspirants should keep themselves well updated with latest in society, politics, economy, etc. Most important current affairs knowledge of both national and international front is necessary.

 Win Over Fear

Many students who despite of having good knowledge about issues develop fear at the time of public speaking and are not able to give-in their best output. Overcome your fear of public speaking as in GD you have to speak confidently and put your point forward among others.

Hence these where some things which a student should be well-prepared of before appearing for the group discussion round of MBA colleges. It’s all about overcoming your weaknesses and develops confidence.

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