Three key Tips for the First Job When you are a newcomer

So you are a newcomer who have recently cleared your management program and got a placement in a good company! Now what next? It’s very normal to feel a bit anxious and thrilled before entering your first workplace. Newcomers may have different concerns when it comes to joining new job, but let us discuss some common top concerns and here are some practical first job advice that can be helpful in handling the issues easily with an affirmative attitude. The first few weeks are of great importance in any organization, this is the time when you can make or destroy your image in the company and amongst the colleagues.

This is my first job, I have no prior work experience. How does an office works?

The company that you have joined wants you to feel comfortable in the new environment and welcome you board. For instance if you are in any technical team than at first few meetings you may find yourself blank and face difficulty in understanding jargons used by the induction team. Here patience pays off, in a week or fortnight time you would get the idea of the place if you go with the flow in your induction process. Performance appraisal is far right now, so do not hurry into things.

How do I leave best of first impression?

It is right said ‘First impression is the last impression. The basic rule is to keep things simple. Always be punctual at work and have positive attitude towards to understand your team workings. Keep yourself focused to get acquainted with the office work. Everyone around you knows that this is your first job so they are not going to expect overnight understanding of the business aspects. Maintain a professional and enthusiastic attitude and concentrate on acquiring knowledge and gaining core competence.

Whether it is right or wrong to ask questions?

As an important advice for your first job I would recommend that asking relevant questions is right but also important for any newcomer. According to Human Resource professionals, the learning part is maximum during the first few months of any job. Even if you hesitate to ask certain questions ask it to solve your query. If you are in a technical department remember to take notes of the answers you get. Your company and seniors would appreciate when you ask questions, as this is your learning time. You never know the person answering your question may have asked same kind of question years back!

On that note here’s wishing all new newcomers best of luck for their new job.

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