Alumni Speaks

Pranav Chudgar testimony

“NARAYANA, the best years of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks to all the members of NARAYANA. I need to never look back, because the NARAYANA experience is still within me guiding my way ahead. All the best for the current batch students. “We Can/ We Will /We Should” is the only Mantra NARAYANA teaches.”

  • Pranav Chudgar
  • VP Treasury, Airtel

“NBS, the only place where I transformed myself from a student to an "updated student". NBS gave a feeling that every moment I surpassed a blend of new ideas. The faculties at NBS walks every step with us to make us not only intelligent but also intellectual.The joy of practical learning @ nbs is how we create a change.”

  • Bijal Patel
  • Sales Manager, India Bulls
Bijal Patel testimony
Keval testimony

"Commitment, Courage, Compassionate, Dedication and Punctuality is what I coined from “Narayana”. It creates transformation in me,“To think in terms of possibilities rather to think in terms of limitations”. I take this opportunity to thank all Faculties of Narayana “I really felt that.” AT Narayana, LEARNING IS A CELEBRATION."

  • Keval Jambudia
  • Head Treasury, HDFC bank

“Great leaders are like the best conductors, they reach beyond the notes to the magic in the players. Narayana leaves no stone unturned in reaching out to its students far beyond the obvious.”

  • Anoli Shah
  • Research Associate, Equirus Securities
Anoli Shah Testimony
Vishal Tiwari Testimony

"Narayana helped me to realize my career aspirations and prepared me to acquire true leadership qualities - the right combination of attitude, skill and knowledge to play the role of a successful manager that I am.”

  • Vishal Tiwari
  • Business Manager, Indiamart

“The skills we learnt at NBS about different business approaches & strategies, and constantly adapting the diversity from student community has definitely given me the lead in the challenging competition existing in the business today. These are the essential and valuable skills of great worth that I owe to NARAYANA.”

  • Malay Shah
  • Branch Manager, Bajaj Finance
Maloy testimony
Krupa Parikh testimony

“NARAYANA has been the place where one can get the XPOSURE, LEARNINGS and EXPERIENCE of the lifetime which many of the biggest and renowned college also failed to deliver. They have given me immense opportunities to develop myself as the ORGANISER, as the PRESENTER, as the Thought GENERATOR, as the Idea EXECUTOR. I celebrated not only the festivals, I also learnt about other cultures which I was unknown to.”

  • Krupa Parikh
  • Trainer, Bombay Stock Exchange