Teaching Approach


Teaching Approach

The core reason for being the TOP RANKED BUSINESS SCHOOL IN INDIA & THE MOST PREFERRED YOUTH DESTINATION is our teaching pedagogy.

We have pioneered the practical case study methodology which can provide the real-life insights in to the issues faced by the corporates. We have been following the concept of Blooms Taxonomy. As a part of the Blooms Taxonomy, we are very much involved with the student in their earlier phases and guide them in all the minute aspects. As the study progresses, our involvement reduces and at last it reaches to a level where we are facilitators only and students are the creators of the concepts they learned.

Our key teaching strengths are

Case Study

This is a real-life situation for a business executive that are faced by them in their jobs and business. its deals with the application all the subjects in the required proportions to the given problem. The idea is to reach a most feasible solution to solve the problem.


They are activities created to mirror a practical business problem where the student will apply their skills and knowledge to arrive at a solution. These activities are designed in such a way that it ushers in a new angle of thinking for student.

Action Oriented

The concepts that are learnt in the college have a wide and multiple applications in the real world. They connect the student with the outer world and in different arenas. This leads to the building of the understanding and application aspects in them.

Team Building

Students are trained from the inception only the methodology of working in a team. They undergo diverse assignments in different teams which makes them a team player. They become good with interpersonal skills. Corporates always prefer the candidates who are flexible working in teams.

Customised Cases, Research and Articles

The material is designed by the in-house fulltime faculties which incorporates the latest management concepts that have redefined the modern management practises. Very high priority is given to the Research for development of the content and the materials.

Diverse Culture

Students are exposed to a diverse set of cultural backgrounds that impacts their own performance in a positive way. They develop global insights and learning’s. They are able to utilise their own hidden strengths and develop themselves intellectually.

Focused Discussion Groups

There is rotation of students within different groups so that they get acquainted with different working methods and mind-sets. They are also given a chance to mingle with like-minded students so they are able to learn the best of both the worlds.