Quite often there’s an adage “Age is just a number” same doesn’t imply to budding entrepreneurs. When the moniker “Startup” buzzes in the minds of individuals be it early twenties or old fifties, some preconceived notions about the success rates with the parlance of “Age factor” often arises in the mind. There are folks who...
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CA embeds you with the holistic learning for Accountancy and Finance. It has a confined scope in Financial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and Regulatory Environment. Adding PGDM Quantitative Finance will not only infuse the knowledge of Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and core Finance, but also of Management, Leadership, and Intellectual & Communication Skills, to get you to...
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NBS – Knowledge Fest

December 5, 2019By
Exploring new horizon is always desirable state of mind for everyone. To explore such new horizons of knowledge in different fields of professional phase of human life, #NBS has organized a carnival named as #NBS_Knowledge_Fest_2019 . . . #NBS_SneakPeak #mostlovedbschool #AmbitionOfTheYoung #BeyondEducation #LifeatNBS
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