Summer Internship at SNL Financial – Anamika Pumba

Finance, the word rings bells of numbers inside people’s heads at first encounter. For me it was more than that; it had to be my life.

Nearing the end of my 1st year of MBA in finance, I was all excited at the prospect of spending my summer, working with a corporation and was bracing myself for the dip inside the sea of the practical financial knowledge. As such when I was about to start the process of applying to companies, god read my mind and sent this beautiful company called SNL Financial; (savings and loans, which is a US based financial filter and guide for the banking, financial services, insurance, real estate, energy and many other sectors) to our campus for summer intern selections ( thank you god 🙂 ). And by his grace and my hard work I got selected along with four other colleagues of mine. As the classmates were best buddies in class and eventually became the best competitors in the corporate world.

Read on to discover the rattling series of events she underwent and how they changed her forever…

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