Suggestive top 10 business podcasts for Management students

In the 21st century, acquiring a simple degree or a diploma in a particular domain is not enough. Tons of people appear for the different entrance exam, clear it, acquire degrees and join the huge hoard of people already complaining about unemployment. It is crucial for the aspirants to understand that they need to change their methodology of acquiring knowledge to mark their presence in this capricious corporate world. Hard work only is not the key to success rather than smart work is the need of the hour. In the coming years 2019 & 2020, it is predicted that the companies would hire 80 % of the candidates holding MBA degree in different specializations.

MBA students need to go for the extra mile to mark their unique presence in the market and gain a cutting edge over the other competitors. Listening to podcasts is a key ingredient in the recipe for smart work. A podcast is a series of digital audio recording on a particular topic or domain which can be easily reached out over the internet. As the smartphones have become the natural extension of the mankind most of the people use their them to listen to these informative facts enriched audios. In simple words, podcast represents radio on demand. People can easily listen and download these audio files anywhere anytime.

As it is well known that numbers don’t lie, 70 % of people in India listen to the podcasts and indulge in self-education and analysis for their future growth. Podcasts have definitely gained popularity over the years in different age groups. Here is the graph showing the rise of podcasting in different demographics:

To pave their way to the top in the market MBA students need to self-educate themselves and need to grab the string of their future life in their own hands. There are a lot of business podcasts available over the internet which provide key insights of the corporate industry. Aspirants can acquire best business lessons from the industry experts and can plan their strategies according to that to achieve their respective objectives easily. This guide will take you through the top 10 MBA podcasts which will help you gain a superior hand over the other competitors in the market.

Top business podcasts are:

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show: The best podcast for the aspirants pursuing MBA degree or are going to commence their journey in the management domain. Every episode is like a goldmine in which the host interviews some of the famous world stars from different sectors of the world and squeeze out their tactics and strategies for the listeners.
  2. TED talks – Business: From advice on how to ameliorate your business? to the latest hot potatoes of the capricious corporate world, the podcast covers a long range of topics. If you are looking to get the best business advice from the industry experts this podcast is the one to opt among the other available options over the internet. The 15 min file covers the talks of some successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and world-class business researchers who provide their views and advice on different career options.
  3. TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday): If your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur in your future life, you need to listen to TGIM podcast Shopify. The episodes capsulize the life experience of some of the world-class entrepreneurs. The stories in the podcast are some major shots of motivation which will definitely boost your morale and will tick your inner spirit to rise and direct yourself towards your objective.
  4. HBR IdeaCast: It is well known that any problem can be dissected and solved easily with teamwork, but what if creating a good team is a problem? The Harvard Business Review Ideacast is the best way to get insights into mentoring and managing a team and getting the most of them for your business. The podcast incorporates many real-life scenarios to complement their insights and tactics so that listeners can easily analyze and ameliorate their business in the best way possible.
  5. Business Wars: The best podcast to learn from the pitfalls and achievement of the colossal corporate beasts in the market. The business podcast includes insights and real stories of some of the massive companies in the corporate market. The host dissects the tactics and strategies used by the leaders and owners of these companies which let them take their business to the sky or were the cause of grim disasters. Listeners can easily learn from their life experiences and can rule out some major flows from their strategies.
  6. The Art of the Hustle: One of the best business podcasts to listen over the internet. The podcast capsulizes episodes covering the achievements, failures and the milestones achieved by the world-class inventors, business owners, and industrialists. The host interviews a lot of guests coving all the topics and provide the tactics and the strategies followed by them to level up their skills to take their business to the top in the market. The podcast is crucial for the MBA students who are looking for the strategies to hone up their managerial skills.
  7. Planet Money: It is crucial for an MBA graduate to deem about the insights of the world economy. History tells us many things and a good entrepreneur always never overlooks the past disaster and take measures accordingly to keep the future of his/her organization safe and secure. The Planet Money podcast has a long range of episode which covers some of the major historical events of the business world with the latest hot topics in the world economy. The episodes provide a best dose on the insights of the economy of the corporate world.
  8. The $100 MBA Show: If you are looking to seek advice on running your business smoothly and seamlessly, you must listen to this podcast. The host interviews some of the best knows experts in the market who present their valuable insights on how to ameliorate your business? and run the operations in your firm smoothly with all your fellow staff members.
  9. Manager Tools: Creativity and practicality are key ingredients to skyrocket the growth of your business. While pursuing your MBA degree you learn all the managerial skill in theory but lack the dash of practicality. Don’t worry, this podcast helps you to raise from being an MBA graduate to a corporate professional. The podcast encapsulates the best lessons to hone your managerial and leadership skills which will provide you a cutting edge over the other competitors in the market and help you mark a dent on the corporate world with your skill set.
  10. The McKinsey Podcast: Wonder if you get an opportunity to have insights of major consulting beasts of the corporate world. This podcast offers you a golden opportunity where McKinsey & Company presents insights into their firm and present hot issues of the corporate world. The episodes in this podcast cover the latest technologies, strategies on management and organization of operations, latest leadership and managerial skill set in demand and impact of business on the society.

Podcasting is trending day by day and candidates pursuing higher studies in management domain need to jump on this bandwagon. Listening to the best top business podcast will help them gain a superior hand over the others and mark their unique presence in the hoard of tons of graduates.

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