Suggestive Best Selling Management Books for every Student!

Books are Man’s Best Friend.’ Right from our childhood we have been taught about the importance of reading good books that can build our knowledge bank and bring value addition in our lives. I have been reading best sellers from the past few years that have contributed immensely to my knowledge treasure and enrich my thinking. Management professionals as well as students should read good books to keep themselves abreast with latest information in the corporate world. Here I am listing some of the best selling books on Management globally:

1.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – By Stephen R. Covey 

This book is the answer for people of the personal chaos going inside them. Here 7 habits of great people are discussed which shifts an individual from co-dependence to dependence and independence to ideal interdependence. The first 3 habits focuses on the development of independence from private victory. Other 3 habits build a perfect atmosphere of interdependence. Final and seventh habit educates harmonized renewal of human psychology and body, thus optimal synergy is created.

2. Good to Great- By Jim Collins

Jim Collins on the basis of his 5 year research project came up with this book that gives answer to the question- ‘Can a good company become a excellent company, if yes then how?’ Based on his rigorous teaching style and methodology, this book is perfect eye opener to ways how a small and simple company can go about generating outrageous benefits to outperform other market leaders.

3. Creative Destruction- By Richard N. Foster and Sarah Kaplan

This book is an excellent choice for reading purpose. Here you get to read about issues about the top 500 companies in world 50 years ago with comparison of today’s top 500 companies companies. There would be very few common names of companies in both the lists. These few companies have stood the test of the changing market and customer demands stating them as ‘paragons of corporate performance’. Such companies are built to last.

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