Story of a boy who works for someone first time – Rakesh Prajapati

This is the story of a boy who works for someone first time. Yes he goes to work first time in his life in a corporate to learn the culture of corporate, the environment of the corporate through his internship plan.

There was a boy named Rakesh Prajapati in Narayana Business School. When the colleagues say that this time they are going to plan the internship plan for them, from that day that boy get excited about the internship. He was ready and started his preparation for interviews for his internship. But due to lots of company option he got confused that which company should he select, or which company will be profitable for him. Finally he decides to go at PNB MetLife an insurance company. He get schedule for interview in Pnb MetLife branch office, he was quiet nervous for interview, the whole way he think about interview that what will the interviewer ask, what will Happen, I’ll selected or not?, but he didn’t knew that the good news was waiting for him. He got selected on the spot. That interview which Rakesh gives was first interview which he gives in his life.

Now this time he was more excited about his work. He was not alone in PNB MetLife infect his one of the friend was also with him. First day he gets to know that what is the company is actually and what are they doing, his mission and vision, also his role and responsibility in the company during internship. He learns so many things in his internship like how to talk with stranger and how to convince the people for something. He works for the company first time and he gathers much information about the whole insurance sector. Because of this internship he gets to know about real world and its politics within the organization. His role was to sell insurance product to his relatives and friends circle. And yes he tries so much for his work and at the end he get certificate for that internship.

Finally he enjoyed his corporate life but at the end of the internship plan he was not so happy because his corporate life gets end and again his college will start but someone says that this is not end but it is the beginning.

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