PGDM Executive

AICTE approved PGDM Ex. programme for Experienced Executives.

An executive PGDM Programme is a type of master’s degree for business management students. An executive PGDM Programme, or Ex-PGDM as it is sometimes known, is an AICTE APPPROVED program offered at Narayana Business School.

If you have a couple of years of experience in your professional career, the EXECUTIVE PGDM will provide you with the contemporary management skills and networking opportunities to take you up the career ladder. Following are the top seven reasons as to why you should consider an EXECUTIVE PGDM Programme– assuming that you are up for the challenge and an opportunity!

1. Flexible Schedules for Your Convenience

Executive PGDM Programme is designed for professionals who are working full-time. Class structure is designed keeping the working student in mind.

2. Serious & Seasoned Business Professionals as Students

Students who join and attend executive PGDM Programme are seasoned business professionals who are serious about their studies and their career growth prospects. According to various surveys on trends and developments in the field of management studies in India, the average EX-PGDM student is 25 -40 years old and has more than 2 years of experience of working in various management roles.

3. Prospects of Acquiring New & Contemporary Management Skills

As mentioned earlier, EXECUTIVE PGDM Programme is designed to provide you with the contemporary management skills and networking opportunities to boost your career growth prospects. And, the best way to acquire new skills is to ‘just do it’! After several years of experience in the workforce you must be having a vast pool of skills and attributes next to your legal name.

However, even after experiencing various management positions and facing the real-life challenges that many a promotion offered during your professional life, you may begin to feel slightly stagnant in terms of your professional career. We humans have that urge and that craving to constantly remain forward-looking. It is our nature to want to learn more. We need to be excited by situations that put us out of our comfort zone. This is exactly what an EXECUTIVE PGDM Programme will do for you.

New skills you’ll acquire in an Ex-PGDM programme:

You can expect to be exposed to a situation wherein you can acquire new and contemporary management skills and techniques to help you move towards increased responsibilities. And increased responsibilities mean increased remuneration.

You will be able to think strategically, analyse critically and have a ‘bigger picture’ understanding of the professional world.

You can expect to acquire better communication and team building skills.

These are valuable skills that will transform you into a manager, different employers are looking for. You will be the kind of manager your staff will want to learn from.

4. Career Development Opportunities

An EXECUTIVE PGDM Programme can help you move into job positions you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. And, this programme is also capable of giving you the skills you need to start your own business and become an entrepreneur.

5. A Different Perspective

Earning your EX-PGDM will not only impart an insight into various managerial roles and leadership approaches, but also update you on new and different business practices.

Professional in internet and software industry, healthcare professionals, women entrepreneurs, public sector executives and participants from NGOs, as well as Small and Mid-sized Enterprises, family-run businesses, etc. are adding to the diversity of today’s EXECUTIVE PGDM classrooms, enriching the varied experience of individuals. The very experienced combination of faculty and batch mates in EX-PGDM allows you to absorb a different perspective on the world, which will help you excel in today’s global business, characterized by cut-throat competition.

6. Immediate Results – For Employees and the Employers

The key difference between a full-time PGDM Programme and an Executive PGDM is the immediate results for the employees and the employers. As a student, you will come out from each class with applicable contemporary management skills and knowledge. On top of everything, you will also have a holistic approach to comprehending and solving business problems in different business scenarios.

For most of the EXECUTIVE PGDM Programme aspirants, the intense class schedule is understandably a part of the trade-off that allows them to be able to earn more and climb up the career ladder without interrupting their present job responsibilities. The nature of the EXECUTIVE PGDM enables you to work and study at the same time. This is surprisingly relevant especially in tough economic times. You can rest assured that EXECUTIVE PGDM classrooms relate to the current economic ecosystem, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you acquire is up-to-date and not redundant.

7. Networking Opportunity

The national and international business network you develop is one of the sweet fruits of your Executive PGDM qualification. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it is said that there are very few other instances where such a unique pool of people converge which has the potential to form life-long professional as well as productive personal friendships and, in some cases, successful business partnerships.

Network built during your EXECUTIVE PGDM Programme is an intense network which remains with you long after you have finished your EXECUTIVE PGDM.

Program Highlights

  • Rigorous program of 750 contact hours
  • Suitable for working executives as well as business owners.
  • Minimum 2 years work experience of candidates in executive/supervisory role
  • Classes held on weekends to distribute load, facilitate learning and reduce disruption of work of participants to the best extent feasible
  • Breaks between terms to accommodate work and personal requirements of participants
  • Terms scheduled to accommodate important festivals and year-end work pressure of participants
  • Separate experience sharing seminars for peer learning
  • Live Industry Projects under Expert Guidance
  • AICTE approved

Program Overview

The PGDM Executive is a full-time AICTE approved 18-month programme in the nature of an accelerated MBA designed specifically for high-performing professionals with work experience.

Sessions for the program will be conducted mainly using physical classroom based sessions with very few virtual classroom based sessions. This structure allows students to meet their requirements of continuing education of the highest quality while continuing in their current employment/business.

With the rich opportunities for interaction with renowned faculty, peers, and industry experts, the program allows students many opportunities to apply the conceptual insights gained in the classroom to their respective workplace on a day-to-day basis. The students also get multiple opportunities to share their work/marketplace experiences thereby enriching classroom learning and fostering meaningful, value-added discussions amongst peers.

In addition to the application opportunities provided in individual courses, the two field work based projects provide ample scope to apply the knowledge gained during the program to real-life business settings and decisions. Students are also given multiple opportunities to understand the real-life applications and relevance of the knowledge gained in different courses through in-built evaluation mechanisms such as projects, assignments, case study based assignment cum presentations, etc.


The program has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Imparting the highest quality of management education to the participants.
  • Developing a general management perspective of the participants.
  • To achieve these objectives, the program has been structured for:
  • Application of the classroom learning in workplace and special projects.
  • Maximizing Peer learning through sharing of experiences in an academic setting.
  • Addressing the general needs of participants for balancing work, education, and personal life to the best extent feasible.


Knowing by Doing & Experiential Learning are the guiding principles of Pedagogy for NBS PGDM Executive Programme. The learning and pedagogy experience in the PGDM (Executive) course encompasses a broad range of learning techniques including case studies, simulations; real life projects; debates; discussions with senior executives of organizations, start-ups and consulting projects; courses and workshops.

Term 1
Duration - 4 months
Personal Competence &
Capability Building-I
Spread Sheet Modeling Financial Reporting and Analysis
Management Economics
Perspective Management
Statistics for Business
Term II
Duration - 4 months
Personal Competence &
Capability Building-II
Business Analytics &
Industry Analysis Workshops
Operation Research
Marketing Management
Perspective Management
Human Resource Management
Management Accounting
Term III
Duration - 4 months
Customized Electives
(7 Modules/Subjects)
Term IV
Duration - 3 months
Business Ethics and
Corporate Governance
Strategic Management
Management Information System
Strategic Communication in Digital Era
Legal Aspects of Business
Term IV
Duration - 4 months
DISSERTATION Business Research Methods
and Dissertations


1 4PGDM04F Security Analysis
2 4PGDM05F International Finance & Trade
3 4PGDM06F Taxation
4 4PGDM07F Banking & Insurance
5 4PGDM08F Financial modelling
6 4PGDM09F Strategic Financial Mgmt
7 5PGDM04F Mgmt of Financial Institutions
8 5PGDM05F Mergers and Acquisitions
9 5PGDM06F Risk Management
10 5PGDM07F Mechant Banking & Financial Services
11 5PGDM08F Project Financing
12 5PGDM09F Portfolio & Mutual Funds
13 6PGDM02F Wealth Management
14 6PGDM03F Management Control Systems
15 6PGDM04F Fixed Income & Alternative Investments


1 4PGDM04M Consumer Behavior
2 4PGDM05M Customer Relationship Mgmt
3 4PGDM06M Brand Management
4 4PGDM07M B2B Marketing
5 4PGDM08M Sales & Distribution
6 4PGDM09M Advertising & Sales
7 5PGDM04M Digital Marketing
8 5PGDM05M Marketing of Financial Services
9 5PGDM06M Services Marketing
10 5PGDM07M Retail Marketing
11 5PGDM08M International Marketing
12 5PGDM09M Integrated Marketing Communication
13 6PGDM02M Rural Marketing
14 6PGDM03M Strategic Marketing
15 6PGDM04M Marketing Research


1 4PGDM04H Industrial Relations
2 4PGDM05H Training & Development
3 4PGDM06H Compensation Management
4 4PGDM07H Talent Aquisition & Competency Mapping
5 4PGDM08H Human Resource Planning & Development
6 4PGDM09H Process Facilitation Skills & Managerial Counseling
7 5PGDM04H Labor Laws
8 5PGDM05H Cross-cultural Management
9 5PGDM06H Business turnaround & Organisational Transformation
10 5PGDM07H Performance mgmt & Reward System
11 5PGDM08H Emloyee Engagement
12 5PGDM09H Negotiation & Conflict Management
13 6PGDM02H Leadership
14 6PGDM03H Strategic HRM

Eligibility & Admission Criteria

Candidates who fulfil the following requirements are eligible to apply for admission:

  • Educational Qualifications: To be eligible for admission to the Executive PGDM Program, the participants must possess a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent recognized by the Association of Indian Universities with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.
  • Minimum 2 years of full time, post-qualification, experience as on March 31, 2018.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.

Fees structure

2.5 Lakhs