One of the most important aspects of any MBA (Masters in Business Administration) / PGDM program is the kind of career opportunity it provides its student.

Narayana Business School is among the first premier B-Schools in the country to conclude its final placements every year. Corporates prefer candidates from NBS, with Highest package offered crossing 32 Lakhs. Our stellar placement record is the testimony to the quality of our pedagogy.

Narayana Business School is preferred by 670+ organizations from diverse sectors including government companies, unicorn start-ups, and top national & foreign MNCs for their managerial needs. Most recruiters come to NBS year after year and compete for the cream of the cream students. This is the secret behind NBS’s consistent legacy of 100% placements for over 22 years. NBS’s Best Educational Practices make students competent for ever-changing industrial requirements. NBS assists students and recruiters at every step of the placement process.

What does the Placement Calendar at Narayana Business School look like?

At the end of the first year, Narayana Business School conducts campus engagements and summer internship interviews where most students get on average 4 offers each for internship (more on this later).

The students then complete their internship period between April to July. Most internships last for 90 days.

After the internship period, students are back to the campus and the pre-placement activities begin. In Addition to the rigorous curriculum, our students also go through NBS trademark NEEP program. NEEP, or Narayana Employment Enhancement program, works on building and developing in-demand industry skills in our students.

With this, NBS students become ready to excel in the corporate world.

Do not worry. We will go into detail on each part of this process soon.

Here are the steps to get the student placement ready.


Who are the major recruiters at Narayana Business School?

Let us have a look at some of the top recruiters at NBS Ahmedabad.

Various recruiters from across the industry spectrum prefer NBS

  • Automobile
  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Communications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Education
  • Retail Analytics
  • MSME
  • Sports
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Mutual Funds 
  • KPO
  • Data Research
  • Telecom
  • Real Estate
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • Investment Banking
  • Credit Analysis
  • Logistics
  • Journalism

More than 670 companies visit Narayana Business School on a regular basis to recruit professionals for their open positions. 

Do students get paid for internships? How many companies come for internship at NBS?

Unlike most other B-Schools, NBS does not force students to join the first offer they get for their internship. Neither do we entertain internship offers that do not add value to the profile of our students.

Let us have a look at some stats from our 2020-2022 batch to understand the internship cycle at Narayana Business School.

Batch 2020-22 InternshipFigures
Total Students180
Companies Participated162
Total Offers Made713
Highest Stipend1,25,000
No of offers per students (Avg.)3.96
PPO Offered72 (40%)

As is clear from the stats, our students get on average approximately 4 offers each for summer internship.

The above stats testify to the fact that the students at NBS have enough choice when it comes to internship, and are not forced to take whatever is available.

But, how do can we judge the quality of the internship?

40% NBS students received PPO offer from the company they did their internship at.

Does Narayana Business School promote diversity?

Narayana Business School encourages students from all genders, states, languages, ethnicities, graduation streams, to apply for the program.

Let us have a look at the composition of our batch.

Gender Diversity

Graduation Streams

Age Group

Regional Diversity

What is the average placement at Narayana Business School? What is the median salary at NBS?

The average salary at Narayana Business School is 7.5 lakhs per annum. The median salary stands at 7 lakhs and the highest salary is 17.5 lakhs.

NBS 2020-22 Final PlacementsFigures
Total Students Participated140
Average Placement7.5 LPA
Highest Placement17.5 LPA
Median Salary7.0 LPA
Companies Participated358
Total Offers496
No. Of offers per student (Avg.)3.5

28% of students got multiple offers greater than 10 lakhs per annum, out of which 18% got offers greater than 12 lakhs and 10% got placement higher than 14 lakhs per annum.

Here is the detailed pie chart showing in detail the placement figures 

Placement Statistics
Here is the detailed pie chart showing in detail the placement figures

Let us look at a few other numbers because the average/median or highest placements do not always tell you the complete story.
Out of the batch of 180 students, 30 students opted out of placements to join their family business and 10 students are working on their own start-up.
Hence, a total of 140 students took part in the placement process.

23% of these students were placed on Day 1 of the placement process.

A total of 358 different companies made 496 job offers to the 140 candidates. Yes, you read it right. NBS students can sit for as many companies as they want during the placement process and are free to choose any of the offers received.

On average, each student received 3.5 job offers.

The Placements are fantastic. But what about the kind of job profiles being offered?

Let us now look at the various kind of job profiles that were offered to MBA/PGDM students at Narayana Business School.

Branding Associate, Analyst, Wealth Manager, Business Development Manager, Data Researcher, Key Account Manager, etc. were some of the key profiles.

Which industries/sectors participate in Narayana Business School Placements?

There is no dearth of opportunity for any student, no matter which industry he or she prefers or dreams to join. The placements are tailored as per the passion or requirement of the student.

Our students are placed in diverse industries, ranging from Marketing, Analytics, IT, HR, Core Finance, Operations, Edu Tech, FMCG, BFSI, etc.

I am impressed. Narayana Business School does offer great placement opportunities. But, what about the return on investment?

Good Question.

Let us look at the reasons why Narayana Business School is the only private B-School that offers greater than 100% return on investment.

But, before we dive into the numbers, let us first understand what return on investment is, and how you should ideally measure the ROI (return on investment) from any business school.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind while calculating what you put in during the 2 years and what you got out of the 2 years.

  • What are the costs involved?
    • Tuition Fees – The most obviously visible and most talked-about cost of an MBA or PGDM (Postgraduate Diploma in Management) Degree is the tuition fees. This is the direct cost of education that you are paying and this facilitates the kind of faculties and infrastructure that you get in return from the B-School.
    • Hostel & Food expenses – Apart from the tuition fee, hostel & food expenses are the 2 other prime expenses that you incur during your life at a B-School.
    • Interest on Education Loan- One of the main HIDDEN costs that most students do not take into consideration is the interest on education loans. Surprisingly, most students do not understand how it is amongst the largest costs that students incur for an MBA degree. Let us look at an example to understand this.
      Suppose X took an education loan of 10 lakhs, for a tenure of 7 years at 10% rate of interest. X ends up paying an additional 4 lakh rupees in interest. With moratorium, this shoots up to 6-7 lakhs.
    • Debt to Salary Ratio- Many students overlook this hidden cost and join institutes with fees over 12-15 lakhs for a marginally higher average placement figure. They end up paying a lot more in interest and end up with less cash in hand to spend or invest. They spend a large part of their productive life servicing this debt.
  • What are the returns you should consider?
    • Good Placements- Everything being equal, the B-School that offers a better placement opportunity to the student gives a better ROI.
    • Long Term Salary Projections- While you may start at a higher salary in an industry like automobile, can you compare the annual growth it offers with growth at a unicorn start-up?
      It is, therefore, essential to look at the long-term salary projections that you can expect after MBA/PGDM to get the true idea of ROI.
    • Alumni Network- Any B-School worth its weight in salt would boast of a strong alumni network. But what use is a large alumni base that you cannot rely upon in times of need? Always look at how engaged the alumni are with their alma mater.
      For example, Narayana Business School keeps sending job opportunities to its 9000+ strong alumni base long after they have graduated.
    • Networking opportunities- One of the most important things that a skilled professional takes away from their MBA is a strong network of peers. They should be the immediate network of supporters in case you need to switch profile, company, or industry any time in the future.

Now that we have understood what we should be looking at in terms of ROI from a B-School, let us look at what Narayana Business School offers.

Fees6,50,000 ( for Batch 2022)
Average Salary7,50,000
Alumni Network9000+
Peer Group (Network)500+
Average Job OffersApprox. 3.5 per student
Return on Investment>115%

Long Term Salary Projections – Students from NBS are placed in some of the most dynamic roles in dynamic industries. These roles and industries are high growth in nature and offer a ladder of success to the students.

Soft Skills – With our NEEP program, we train students in all kinds of soft and hard skills needed to succeed at the workplace. We also provide the students with various industry demanded certifications that improve their employability and bring future success.

Happiness levels during the course- Narayana Business School proudly claims to be the most loved B-School by its students.

Recruiters Speak

We have been hiring from Narayana Business School and we feel proud to be associated with them. The quality of students has been becoming better over the years along with the strong support of the placement team. The dedication and hard work of college is visible in students. The students had the conceptual understanding that we require.
It has been a great association and we are happy to have NBS as our recruitment partner.

S&P Global

We had a great experience of recruiting students from Narayana Business School. The placement team and Purvi madame understood the profile in such detail that we could pick the right candidates. The students had good communication skills and all were well groomed.
We wish to be regularly associated with nbs for quality candidates.

OYO Rooms

Narayana Business School had a very different approach for recruitment of students. Our experience was great with them. The overall team at the college has done a great job as a team work. Students had the right approach and required skill set. Students could well understand our requirements.

The Quality of students are very good and their learning and implementation skills are outstanding. A great management institution embedded with excellent spiritual values and outstanding learning environment. Truly a great B-School to groom up as a Leader for Today & Tomorrow

Indigo Paints

It Was A Pleasant Experience working with Narayana Business School.
The Candidates Had Good Blend Of Theoretical Knowledge And Practical Insight

oriqa ltd

My experience in hiring candidates was very good. Good welcome by the managers, placement and training officers. All the students were well Groomed and Smart.

Overall great experience in Narayana Business School and would love further to do business with them.

ORIQA Limited

NBS is inextricable with interactive and inclusive learning focused sharply on students skills and attributes developing cultural agility, flexibility and ability to compete in the global market.