PGDM in Information Technology (IT)

PGDM in Information Technology (IT)

IT is being regarded as the back bone of all business functions in any enterprise which has made it an all-round all-purpose need. Each function of any organisation is now connected due to the multiple uses of the information requirements for different purposes. Primarily this stream would require the student’s strong willingness to have inclination towards computers and also have some basic degree in Information technology. The requirement of basic degree in computer science is not must, but it is desirable. Inspite of lack of basic degree in computers there are cases where student excel in this field. 

This also the most rapidly updating field as compared to all other streams mentioned above.

Information technology is undergoing big changes with evolution of data in today s social media era . The future emerging jobs in this field would be in these arenas. The possible areas where future jobs would be there would be in the field of marketing analyst, financial consultant, investment analyst, risk analyst, Hr analytics, artificial intelligence, network analyst, security analyst, app development, business intelligence analyst, cloud engineering, big data, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Information technology has entered all the business functions of an organisation in such a way that we can say that it is the infrastructure on which integration of functions would be needed. There are domain experts of fields like HR, Finance and Marketing who explain the organisation specific business functions to the IT expert so that software can be made as per the customized process. They are responsible for inculcating the required business process into the existing IT or new IT of the company. Therefore, their job is actually understanding that particular function in details and creating a query of that. IT experts work on a lot of data before being able to form different scenarios.


Narayana Business School opts for Bloom’s Taxonomy that gives a lot of simulation exercises to students where they can actually understand the real scenario and can come up with the real questions that are supposed to be answered for any business. At Narayana Business School the pedagogy adopted is real time and realistic learning. Where students are directed to study in real market and live environment to make them aware about the current situation prevailing in the market. They are made working on live projects in the market. They are even taken to rural markets to study such markets as they are integral and most crucial part of India. At Narayana Business School, Our students have access to state of the art Computer Lab and Language Lab. Our students work on the cloud technologies and understand the depth of different relevant details. They have their own cloud IDs to retrieve any detail or study material they want at any point of time from anywhere. At Narayana Business School, We believe in progress is a never ending journey and we love to progress every passing second.