PGDM in Finance

PGDM in Finance

Finance specialization is not necessarily the numbers only as per the general misconception. Finance has been said as the life blood for any business and that’s where it is interconnected with all the aspects of the organisation. You would find this interesting if you have a bent of mind where you are keen about knowing everything about all the functions in an organisation.

Students with analytical and reasoning bent of mind would like to study this domain. There are lot of inter linkages that are present in this domain like budget is linked to the goals, marketing is linked to the inventory decisions, long term decisions are linked to long term goals, etc. The starting point of learning finance is marketing. The reason for putting starting point of finance as marketing is that you need to be aware about the market scenario before you could actually suggest (for clients) or create (creation of financial plan for corporate or individual) it for the users.  

The PGDM in finance in India and MBA in finance in Ahmedabad,India, overall Indian Financial System has a large value chain which can accommodate finance people at lot of entry points. The overall players are financial institution, banks, insurance, mutual funds, regulators, stock brokers and intermediaries. There is ample opportunity for lot of employment in the above group of institutions. The curriculum covers the knowledge required from the user’s perspective and also from the givers perspective.

The course structure initially begins with the identification of various areas and broad concepts that are there in finance. The mid way into the course deals with getting into concepts that are being used in the industry on a broad basis like investments, fund raising, deal structuring, macro data identification and current affairs. During the completion, the students usually dwells in more detail in the respective field of interest areas based on their choice. They would learn in detail about the various finance business profiles that are industry.

Further, they take up SIP in various corporates which are dealing into finance. This not only gives them an idea about the company but also the possible roles and responsibilities that are there in the organisation. Based on their informal discussions with the office staff they try to make up their mind with regards to the future profile they would be interested.

Therefore, at Narayana Business School there are focused efforts by the mentors so that the student is motivated to extract as much detail as possible in their SIP Company. A marked difference is seen amongst the candidates when they return from their internships and their overall personality undergoes a change.