Dr. Purvi Gupta


Dr. Purvi Gupta

Dean - Academics
Department of Accounts & Statistics

The perfectionist, The Transformer, The Minute details quester, The epitome of Morality & Ethics and One contact point ranging from Genesis day to the final placement and convocation day at Narayana Business School. Dr. Purvi Gupta, The dedicated and nurturing personnel dived into the world of education 2 decades ago with an aim to transform the lives of students to bring about the revolution in the education system to uplift and better the society. While embarkation of the journey of academics her hard work and perseverance can be seen in the institution, “Narayana Business School”. While laying the foundation of Narayana Business School, the pivotal role and resourceful role is taken by Dr. Purvi Gupta.

With simple and modest teaching philosophy that “Students learn the best when they are in a positive learning environment where they feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe with each other.” Dr. Purvi Gupta always remains quick-witted for the betterment and upliftment of the students at Narayana Business School. A Doctorate of Philosophy holder with a perfect blend of degrees such as Chartered Accountancy, Certified Public Accountant and A Master of Business Administration, Dr. Purvi Gupta owns the best personality to spearhead the Narayana Business School.


  • Ph. D.
  • CA
  • CPA
  • MBA


  • 21 years