Dr. Amit Gupta


Dr. Amit Gupta

Department of Finance and Technology

The Visionary who visualized the needs of today’s education before 2 decades even when education itself was still in medieval ages of chalk and board. The idea slowly began to make way for practical applicative teaching through his propagation which began to be accepted by students. Student crowd started pulling towards this unique style of his. These were the times when dreams were being shaped up to take the pedagogy to the next level with multiple application and Narayana Business School was born as brainchild of him.

This man is on a mission to bring about a revolution in management education with his unique style. He realized that education and degrees were of little help to face the real world which led him to believe that there can be an ecosystem where students can learn, experiment and practice concepts hands-on in real-time. His 20+ years of experience is at work in redefining the students’ transformation. By initiating and nurturing the Narayana Business School in all the aspects. A live example of “Learning is a never-ending process” is Dr Amit Gupta reflecting through tremendous academic achievements encompassing Doctorate of Philosophy, Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Accountant. The list doesn’t end here, As Dr Gupta is owning a double Master degree that is Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Finance. Thus excelling in all the fields of education and learning, Dr Gupta is the backbone and foundation of Narayana Business School.

A responsible shoulders for spearheading Narayana Business School to the sky-high success in the global education map with his superlative analytical skills and strategic vision to forecast the future.


  • Ph. D.
  • CFA
  • CA
  • MBA
  • M.Sc. in Finance


  • 21 years