First attempt, Second attempt, and so on. Failing in any stage of the Chartered Accountancy course feels like stranded in a deep blue ocean. The heavy coils of hurt and fear often obliterate light. The mind gets numb, the heart heavy, and the belly tight. A lump of unspoken words and uncried tears often brings a new next attempt or jitters of quitting this prestigious course. These are the real emotions a CA aspirant encounters in the entire CA journey. 

The whole journey turns topsy-turvy when the newspaper headlines hit a smash on the dreams when they read, “CA Inter Result 2021-Pass Percentage bashes a new low with only 14 students passing”, or “CA Final pass percentage-1.41% (Old Course) and 6% (New Course). 

The feathers on cap with that Chartered Accountancy, the esteemed professional course, and the budding dream for the lakhs of aspirants make it to the list of “The Toughest Exams in India”.  

What about the rest 94 percent of CA aspirants holding the pieces of their broken dreams into their fists? Will they be labeled as a failure life-long or called out with the number of their attempts? 

A Semi-qualified CA is not a blind alley. It can become the gateway to a successful career without compromising on your dreams. You will not have the prestige to sign audit reports. But you will end up being showered with the lucrative packages in a white-collar job or kick-starting your start-up. 

You might have heard about copious options from kith and kin after dropping CA Course. But to give a new and unique edge to the career, PGDM Quantitative Finance at Narayana Business School, the most loved B-School of India, has got your back.

Why just stick yourself to one field when the world needs multi-taskers?

CA embeds you with the holistic learning for Accountancy and Finance. It has a confined scope in Financial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and Regulatory Environment. Adding PGDM Quantitative Finance will not only infuse the knowledge of Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and core Finance, but also of Management, Leadership, and Intellectual & Communication Skills, to get you to sit in the Ferrari of corporate excellence. 

CA is a Quantitative course and PGDM is mixed baggage of Quantitative and Qualitative. The new era is divulged with the cutting-edge technological aspects leading to broad growing industry i.e. fintech which coherently involves finance and technology and subsequently, CA course alone cannot fulfill. PGDM in Quantitative Finance will surely open the doors to this industry with the additional brownie learning with programming, which is a new normal in the modern-day. 

To be part of top-level management in the corporate, soft skills and presentation skills play a vital role in climbing the ladder of success, but in CA course these skills are only imparted in AICITSS (Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills) certification course each of 15 days. However, pursuing Quantitative Finance would abridge these crucial skills from square one. This would help the students to compete with the modern brains and evolve as a better corporate-ready personality.

As you climb up the ladder, qualitative skills will play a significant role in carrying out your work. The synergy of CA/ Semi-Qualified CA along with PGDM Quantitative Finance will elevate your portfolio.

But what exactly the crux of PGDM Quantitative Finance say? Let’s clear the smokescreen and efface the flummox that various CA Aspirants are facing after failure.

Technically, Quantitative finance is the use of mathematical models and extremely large datasets to analyze financial markets and securities. It helps to develop and implement complex mathematical models that financial firms use to decide on risk management.

PGDM Quantitative Finance is a niche program designed to encounter the demands of top MNCs globally. It will accelerate your career and make you stand an edge in the market. The brands like Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Big Fours, CLSA, McKinsey, and others, will not be just your targets but you will have an opportunity to work in one of them. 

PGDM in Quantitative Finance offers immense opportunities in the financial world. It offers magnificent job opportunities in every organization and helps to gain knowledge about the responsibilities of financial managers. Furthermore, PGDM in quantitative finance provides the required skill set for high profile opportunities in the market such as a Risk officer, financial planner, corporate financial Manager. It also helps you to take measures to maximize stock value, choose investment portfolios, and balance risk.

Due to shoot in managerial and technical skills, the need and hiring have been bashed out in the area of consulting which solely involves the role of Quantitative analysts or financial quantitative analysts. Even the scope has been drastically grown in decades with the increase in the technological and financial bend of mind which has opened the ways for consulting services.

So, if you want to have all your ten fingers in seventeen different pies, Climb the hilltop to view and learn an ever-demanding Course i.e. PGDM in Quantitative Finance from Narayana Business School and forget the frantic failure that you experienced in an arduous CA journey. 

Team EdComm

Srishti Soni – Content Creator & Budding People Manager

Shiksha Verma – Aspiring Finance Polymath

Nikita Chamadiya – Enthu Finance Aspirant


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