Once upon a time while building future – Akash Shah

Summer is here which faintly reminds me of the notice about our internship. After all the hustle in sem-1 and settling with the curriculum, its turn for the internship. Being an MBA is related to a great deal of personality development, hence it makes me nervous as to how the interviews will go, how will I perform and what will I say! When I was fighting myself with such thoughts, our college Narayana Business School was trying to make us comfortable with this challenge also.

At first, we were given seminars about the problems that we generally face during interviews and how to make our first impression the best by advising us regarding our resumes. Attending these seminars gave me a little confidence. Now was the turn for our mock interviews where I performed well.

Akash shah Narayana business school Ahmedabad StudentAll my classmates and I were busy deciding in which field we are interested. After a lot of research, Marketing was what I wanted to do. In the second week of March, we got a list of companies which wanted to pick interns from our college. Some of these were SNL financial, Bajaj Finserv, Bajaj Allianz and Coco-Cola.

My first interview was with Coco-Cola on 15th March 2014. I was the first candidate to get interviewed, so I was nervous hence couldn’t perform well and got rejected from Coco-Cola. My first performance shattered my confidence. Trying hard to collect myself again, I went for the second company on my checklist, Capital First. I was on cloud nine when my interviewer announced that I am selected. Now I was really excited to join the office.

1st April 2014 we were called to the main office of Capital First. I had the opportunity to meet Mr Ravi Jain, Head of Capital First, who unlikely like a head explicated the functioning of the company of which I was to be a part of. And on 2nd April I joined Capital First, a part of Future Group providing consumer durable loan to the clients. As allocated to a specific branch I had to meet a Mr Hanif Pathan, in whom I found a mentor. Sales Executive Mr Hanif, who trained me in interacting, convincing and aiding the clients with the loan process and I feel extremely proud to write this that I was an aid to my mentor too. During the second month of internship, all that I learnt and observed seeing Mr Hanif proved fruitful when he was on urgent leave. The work continued smoothly because his trainee trained so perfectly that I could successfully complete 130 loan files. And here I am almost finishing my MBA and hoping not for the best job but to apply the learning of my internship and making my job the best job.

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