NBS- Sculpting Careers during adverse times.

NBS - Sculpting Careers during adverse times.

One place where there is a pocket full of stories, memories, bunks, and n number of other things hidden. Generally, it’s the last place where one goes with the objective of degree or let’s say thereafter one gets into a life which has serious responsibilities.

The past year of my personal and college life has taught me one huge lesson: Nothing is certain and Nothing is Predictable. The pandemic hasn’t left a single thing untouched, I believe the life at NBS would have elevated even further if I had been here when Covid wasn’t. College life is a feeling of a roller coaster and this journey always differs from person to person for someone it could be super fun, for others it could be just usual or neutral, but what’s for sure is “The Transformation” It doesn’t matter with what goals and aims one enters the college, after the completion of this journey there is a visible transformation in the personality of a person. Learnings, experiences, scolding of professors, assignment pressure, presentations, managing the college and personal life, everything sums up together you into a totally new human being who is ready for taking responsibility! Corporate life responsibilities.

NARAYANA BUSINESS SCHOOL is a place where I met the most generous faculties and beautiful people whom I now call friends! How can I miss mentioning that friends are one major part of this college life? A year back when the colleges were supposed to open and my excitement Level was on cloud nine! That’s exactly where destiny started to play its unfortunate.

Due to the pandemic the new online teaching culture started and the world started to run virtually! It’s sad that the situation is still the same. Visiting the college for the first time was one awaited dream. Everything took a conversion of itself in virtual mode. Meeting friends, getting to know them, classroom fun was somewhere so weird and it took us a lot of time to speak out between people we haven’t ever seen! Online exams, seminars, events, everything online. I wish I could just start it all over again. I have always heard about the Navratri fest of Gujarat, that celebration was too virtual! Although it was so beautified and the college made so many efforts to make it memorable.

After two semesters, I was pretty familiar with everyone in my course and moving out of my introverted nature I made few friends who are the so precious part of the journey now. Fortunately, in between the pandemic, the offline colleges were opened and I finally got to see the college. I can’t narrate that feeling of sighting the glimpse of campus for the first time! Meeting the faculties whose I’ve been watching on the laptop screen for months, and all those people for real to whom I have been talking over the phone!! Virtual friends did become a thing for me. I was beyond happy to meet everyone. Attending the colleges offline after so much time was so blissful, presentations, stage fear, jumping out of comfort zone, and so many more challenging things came roaring to polish my personality. I feared initially, obviously, I did, but everyone needs to start at some point. Well adding to the roller coaster ride, the colleges were again shifted to online culture due to pandemic and seeing our safety. We were all again on the journey with freemasonry! I truly miss the campus and everything around.

Hope this tough time ends soon taking all the sufferings together. We all are syndicated toward having a normal college life. I don’t want to be bewilder with my college life experience I don’t seek for extraordinary, all I want is normal offline college where I can attend the lectures offline within the classroom accompanied with my classmates.  


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Sunidhi Dandwate is currently Pursuing PGDM at Narayana Business School. She aspires to become an accomplished HR professional. She believes in work-life balance. She is an avid reader and books are her best escape. Reading takes her to a new world; she says it gives her a privilege to live many characters and switch back to her own self.

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