Teaching and learning at Narayana Business School has been a two-way process between the faculty members and students. The essence of teachers day is to acknowledge and thank our teachers who have helped craft our lives and personalities. We believe in challenging conventional ways of teaching were teacher-student relationship was based only on discipline and certain amount of distance between them. The knowledge mentors have been successful in establishing friend-cum-teacher relation with their students, where discipline is maintained inside the classroom, but outside they don’t hesitate and mix up with their students.

This has led to better learning and understanding of academics. We do use all modern amenities and props for teaching, but apart from that the teaching approach and method is also taken care of.  Successful communication between students and their teachers take place like in forums, where age-old teaching parameters are challenged with new teaching approach is being practiced. Here everyone can speak up their minds and express their views.

Such friendly approach in teaching and developing inter-personal relations with students helps in bringing down stress levels which are tremendous now-a-days. We do understand that in maximum houses children have working parents with limited amount of time to spend with them. In such situations for a student his/her friends and teachers are most influencing factors in their life. At NBS we leverage the gap between a student and teacher and encourage them to share their dreams and aspirations with us.

End result in good academic result and rich personality growth when they pass out from Narayana Business School.  Fair teaching goes beyond the classroom and explores the dynamics of age-old teaching methods. Better understanding, open communication and discovery are three factors essential for 100% learning, we believe modern education is a partnership between the student, parents and the educators. We prepare leaders of tomorrow with deep knowledge, understanding and human values to give their career positive directions.