NBS at a Glance

Who we are

Established 2 decades ago, in the heritage city Ahmedabad by the Duo of Academicians, Narayana Business School (NBS) embarked on the mission of shaping the future of aspirants through innovation, quality education and world-class research.

NBS has one prime goal ― to shape the best corporate careers.

With interactive and inclusive learning, focused sharply on students’ skills and attributes developing cultural agility, flexibility and ability to compete in the global markets; NBS stands out as a leading school of management in Asia.


Our Leaders

Founded by core academicians with their zeal to provide quality and innovative education lead to a noble beginning of a prodigious establishment ‘Narayana Business School’ which, from humble beginnings, has grown leaps and bounds into a giant tree.

Dr Amit Gupta along with Dr Purvi Gupta created a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced Management campus in Ahmedabad almost two decades ago.

The journey has been a beautiful one; and almost two decades and 9000+ successful corporate careers later, the dynamic duo of Dr. Amit and Purvi Gupta say that this is just the beginning.

The duo’s vision, hard work and untiring efforts have made Narayana Business School rise up to become one of the pioneers in innovative education school of management in Asia.


Narayana Business School is recognized among the TOP 50 Business Schools in India and Ranked 4th Best MBA College in Gujarat. NBS programs are a life-changing experience – A Big Decision #TheFutureisNBS.

NBS programs are a life-changing experience; a big decision.

Management Education is a significant investment that demands a substantial return. Choosing Narayana Business School makes sure that your investment pays off.

Narayana Business School is a leader in the field of Business Education. Our niche PGDM & MBA programs offer a unique combination of benefits to help you develop the capabilities and connections you need to succeed in global business today.

With NBS – Be inspired, achieve excellence and turn your dream into concrete reality.

Our programs combine a truly flexible curriculum; add to this an outstanding faculty; a reputation for academic excellence and leadership.

Join your hands with NBS today for an illuminating future.

NBS Advantages

Answers to all your queries…

The world is changing quickly and so are the challenges tomorrow’s leaders will face.

The NBS PGDM & MBA Program’s helps you develop a foundation of management skills and leadership ability to build a life of meaning and a career of impact. We prepare you for the future. We empower you to make a difference.

The PGDM curriculum will drive you to reach your full potential. Yes, you will be challenged by the rigour of the academic program. Equally important, however, you will learn about yourself and develop leadership skills that will sustain you throughout your career. We help you develop your vision and the substance required to achieve it.

Learn & Grow

Narayana Business School encourages you to reinvent. The grooming is done not only to answer, but to Ask, to Think, to Innovate.

If you aspire to lead an organization that has influenced the world and built a life of impact and meaning, a Management Education is the ideal first step.

It lets you to develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and skills. A proper training helps you to get accustomed to work under extensive pressure which eventually leads to enhanced performance and consequently an improved financial position. It helps you to become a leader in an emerging field and to enjoy greater job satisfaction and self fulfillment.

NBS commits it self to ensure that career focused students have the market ready skills needed to succeed & make a difference in the world. In addition to providing a challenging , supportive & inclusive learning environment , we offer education and an academic experience thats second to none – a promise fulfilled to thousands of students for more than a decade.

Our programs will provide newer ways of thinking, flexibility, collaborative community, powerful knowledge, inspirational leadership and effective communication skills. This makes Narayana Business School stand apart from other B-schools.

At NBS, you learn to outsmart the competition yet with Highest Standards of Corporate Integrity & Excellence. Here you acquire Rigorous & Hardcore Academic Training yet with Real World Corporate Exposure.


NBS has designed the Curriculum based on the input from faculty, recruiters, students and alumni. The result is the programs are focused on the career excellence and not just a collection of courses.

It’s all delivered in a dynamic, high-energy learning environment that emphasizes the application of skills in complex real-world business situations.


You will gain real world knowledge within a rigorous, collaborative, invigorating environment. You will learn new ways to think about problems & then you will solve them. That’s why NBS programs are much more than all conventional management programs practiced everywhere.

We are strongly committed to explore & implementing new ideas within the school & beyond it.


Cutting-edge faculty research and a focus on experiential learning are core strength of NBS. NBS’s PGDM Program inspires and fosters entrepreneurial thinking and leads the charge in this new era of business education.

The higher end curriculum of NBS establishes a vital link between rigorous academic theory and real-world practice.


Since the Foundation, we have influenced the way business is taught & the way business is conducted.

At the heart of NBS , experience a strong focus on leadership development. You will exercise your leadership skills throughout your NBS Program.

As a student here, you will examine the rules with a critical eye & draft your own solution to business problems.

Driven by Innovation

Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement

Value Added Programs

Research Driven Institution

Well Crafted Curriculum Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Real-world Practice

Personalised Attention

1st BSchool to implement complete Cloud Infrastructure


Established in 2001 NBS strongly believe in the three pillars of success which are  

Experience– leads to better decision-making skills  

Expertise – helps in understanding the changes better  

Excellence – creates the fire to strive to perfection  

We call it E3.  The right combination of the all the three above is a perfect recipe for success. We imbibe in students a spirit of critical thinking and a thought process to encompass all the areas of the corporations. The macro understanding equips the students to think on a holistic level and therefore it’s easy for them to add value in any scenario. They are trained to create their own worth and can challenge their existing benchmarks.  



  • We lift your career beyond expectations
  • We fill the gap where you are now and where you want to be
  • We shape your future and change your world

Built on the fundamentals of quality and practical education by academicians, NBS adds value to your skills so that you can create synergies yourself as well as industry.  

Transformation is achieved in you through continuous and dynamic learning environment also leading to leadership skills. We are quick in exploring and implementing new management ideas that leads to Corporate Excellence and Leadership.  

Join Us and Make Yourself Count

You are going to take a big decision. And we make sure that your investment pays off.


Our vision of education at Narayana Business School is based on innovative learning methodology, continuous improvement, cultivation of practical skills & an unwavering commitment to academic quality. Narayana Business School is attaining international standard excellence in management education and research analysis by maintaining continuous market competency.



Our mission is to develop a most dynamic research-based independent business school which has global recognition for its academic excellence and transpire leadership, effective communication skills, time management & eventually create management professionals with highest standards of corporate excellence.

Awards & Rankings

Narayana Business School’s (NBS) student-driven approach and innovative educational techniques have paid rich dividends in terms of many Accolades and awards that have been a natural progression in the course of 22+ years.

Narayana Business School has won many prestigious awards from esteemed organizations such as Times of India, Business Today, Indian Today, Divya Bhaskar, MY FM and the list goes on….

Below are the few noteworthy awards.


Flagship PGDM, MBA & Integrated MBA programs of Narayana Business School are approved by AICTE – Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

MBA & Integrated MBA programs are affiliated with Gujarat Technological University.

NBS is closely working with Central & State governments on developing & imparting skills across different industries & sectors across India.

The vision is to make every student industry-ready with cutting edge skills which are infused in her/him during the stay at NBS.

List of affiliations and empanelment’s goes on at NBS with prestigious bodies like Ministry of Social Justice & Ministry of Minority Affairs at the Centre, RCI, NSDC, DDUGKY, CED, NTA and Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat & the list goes on.