What is Mentor Mentee Program?

Narayana Business School has a robust arrangement between students and faculties in the name of Mentor-Mentee Program and is one of the USP of the college 

Mentor-Mentee program at the college is a comprehensive program that is designed and constructed for the newly admitted students. The program is a 3-pronged strategy of Narayana Business School where fresher’s get associated with a senior student, assigned faculty mentor and industry mentor 

At Layer 1

Buddy will be the one-stop solution for all the concerns at NBS.

At Layer 2

A faculty member will ensure constructive interaction, guidance, and motivation to excel in academic.

At Layer 3

An Industry mentor, responsible to share their Industry experiences provide personal and professional insights in career interest area and help to frame strategies for success. 

The goal of the Mentor-Mentee program is to make the new student comfortable in the postgraduate college life. The transition from Under Graduate to Post Graduate should be a smooth one, which is achieved through this program. The program not only guides and helps students on the academic side but also on non-academic endeavours 

A student goes through many schedulesthought process and vision changes by pursuing a management degree. The aspirations of student need to be satisfied through viable support and guidance of mentors. Mentors are faculties who are experienced, qualified, and supportive people who have seen life from a close distance and most importantly they are trustworthy next to students’ parents.  

The bond of trust between the senior student and with the faculty mentor allows the student to settle in the new college life. The student also gets direction about their future goals, which they can discuss, with the Industry Mentor allocated by Narayana Business School. Thus, a student is nurtured in the following way so that Growth penetrates in them through the Mentor-Mentee program.

What process is followed in allocating Mentors to the Mentees?

Mentors are allocated to mentees and senior students are added into the mentor-mentee group. Responsibility of the senior students, referred to as Buddy, is to guide the new students about setting in the new atmosphere and show them the way in which they can satisfy by their students’ responsibility in an effective way.  

Mentees remain connected with their allocated Buddy mentors and Buddy mentors stay connected with the Faculty mentors. Mentees can approach both Buddy mentors as well as Faculty mentors if they need guidance on academic as well as non-academic concernsBuddy mentors and Faculty mentors work in collaboration with regards to actively guiding the new bees.  

A well-defined agenda is there of the said meeting where extensive working is done on students’ weaknesses and issues. Regular interaction on a weekly basis is conducted at Narayana Business School through online Cloud infrastructure or offline physical premises as the situation demands. Further, in the next meeting follow up of previous meeting is also taken about the task allocated 

The overall status of the mentor-mentee meetings is regularly reviewed by the Dean Academics for feedback and reviews. This helps to locate any student or any issue that has cropped up so that timely corrective action can be taken.  

How does the mentees benefit out of this?

Mentees benefit immensely out of the program of Mentor and Mentee. Setting up into the unfamiliar environment becomes quite easy for the new students. Coming from diverse background be it caste, creed, religion, and geographies and adjusting and coordinating with different people requires being compassionate and considerate towards others. The program helps them to learn about working in a team and managing a team with different people thereby building team spirit in them.  

Students face issues about their academic program and its set up. They also need to adjust to the culture of giving presentations and submitting their practical oriented project work and that requires an all-round skill set. They can take personal skill training from their mentors to excel in both above. 

Emotionally student also face challenges about competition faced in the classroom and getting demotivated during the course. The right guidance at this point provided by the Mentor-Mentee program helps them to rejuvenate their interest towards studies and create an interest in the program. 

Industry mentor’s interaction helps the students to take a clear call about their career. They help student with the selection of the industry and profile as per the strengths of the student. This helps them excel in their corporate life also. 

Therefore, the overall experience and exposure gained through this program of Mentor-Mentee have been very fruitful to all the students at Narayana Business School. The bonding, the coordination, the performance, the attachment towards college, faculties and amongst student has strengthened to create an ecosystem of growth for everyone through the medium of Mentor and Mentee Program.