MBA in Human Resources (HR)

MBA in Human Resources (HR)

Managing humans is typical as it requires dealing with different human psychologies so as to achieve organisations goals. Therefore, HR department does a very different type of task for the organisation. These candidates usually find their applicability in recruitment agencies and corporates. They usually learn the techniques in the recruitment agencies and get their communications clear. This helps them in understanding the HR from a practical perspective.

Recruitment, training, payroll, in finance department training and development.

If the candidate has done the SIP in a recruitment consultancy and has performed well then there is a bright scope for candidate to revert back to that consultancy. Students also create good rapport during their SIP and can get placements at a corporate client where they get multiple HR dimensional roles to handle.  

Typically the candidates are keen to join a corporate for getting a complete view of the HR profile as they can handle not only recruitment there but also payroll, employee relations, motivations, compensations, training and development areas. These roles help a candidate develop and gain knowledge with regards to all the above mentioned areas.

The core job of the HR is to find the right person for the right job at the right cost. They are expected to remain updated with various skill set a person possesses and its value. Further they are also expected to know the upcoming new skills and techniques so that they can help organisation in their new ventures with the required human resources. This is cultivated in candidates through extensive reading and multiple surveys of the organisations.

Narayana Businesses School stresses a lot of importance on the focused reading aspects in MBA in hr in Ahmedabad of students so that they are made aware about industry since the day they join the program. They are made aware in the beginning only that the required knowledge is to be acquired since the beginning only of the program.