MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance in Ahmedabad is again a very broad and wide field. This presents with ample opportunity to explore their skill sets in various arenas of finance. The one thing to remember here is that initially finance people need to market the financial services so as to get a better understanding of the needs of the customers. This helps them to understand both the sides of the deal i.e. from the customer side and from the institution side.

You can have bank, financial institution, credit rating agencies, stock broking firms, corporates and regulators coming for acquiring candidates. Candidate is required to study each and every profile in detail as all the above have presence of multiple domains. Typically bank would have front office and back office operations where higher growth area is front office due to customer interaction. Financial institutions would also encompass insurance companies, mutual fund companies, etc and they would have profiles like B2B and B2C.

Insurance companies usually look for agency manager where candidates are required to scan and build rapport with intermediaries who can help insurance companies to do B2B business. Their job is to motivate these intermediaries and recruit new intermediaries. Mutual fund companies would be looking out for transaction processing, direct marketing, regional managers, etc. There is a big area in both of the above areas to manage the intermediaries as large portion of business is mobilized through them.

Financial institutions involved in credit and loan disbursals would look for candidates good at evaluation of documents. They would look for candidates who can evaluate individual and corporate profiles with regards to credit appraisals.

Stock broking firms would have multiple openings dealing with relationship manager, dealer for trades, stock market research analyst, back office operations, compliance manager, etc. these encompass junior level to senior level positions where candidates fit in usually at lower level and can have career graph to higher level positions.

Credit rating agencies would have more bent towards analyst profiles where candidates are required to check out the financial data and come up with the feedback for rating purposes. Candidates would find here marketing profiles as they have to meet corporate clients willing to avail loan and also with banks to understand their profile for empanelling them.

Corporates would be having positions like corporate finance, investor relations, banking functions, etc. Corporate finance profiles would deal with the fund raising, mergers and acquisition, debt management activities. Investor relationship department would be there where external funds of public or other investors are taken. Banking function for MBA finance candidates would help the corporate in their banking transactions and debt management. Regulators would require finance guys to help them in disseminating information to various market participants with regards to compliance.

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