Life Changing Experience at Narayana Business School

Unfolding the best at one of the best MBA college in Ahmedabad

“Is this you, Harshita?”, I whispered to myself, at a very low note. 

Even before I could think and answer back… 

A lot of good wishes and appreciation started pouring in!  

Those surprising souls, those happy faces, those appreciative eyes, which bloomed up, watching me orate at such high pitch, with basket full of confidence… nailed me down with energy, only to make me think that- Where was I uptil now? Did I before this, even know how to speak well, in public? And where in the game was lost my confidence?? 

Yes! I’m talking about my life changing experience wherein I explored my space that belonged to the stage. I’m talking about that “DAY”, that “MOMENT”, that “SERIES OF EVENTS”, which eventually changed my life, changed how people perceived me and even changed how and what I think of myself today. 

16th February 2018 was the day, when for the first time in forever… I discovered myself as an “anchor”, in my college’s “Days’ Festival.” A girl who never ever spoke before public, went right into anchoring at College Fest and impressing the audience with her sheer collection of words and mountain-headed confidence. And that I could rightly claim as MMoment!! 

“There comes a day when turning the page is the best decision for you because you realize there’s so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on” 

After completing with my graduation and taking a break for over a year from my studies, I finally decided to turn the pages of my book, by opting to be in one of the Best B-Schools of Ahmedabad. Turning upon this very page of my life, I found myself within the boundaries of knowledge, optimism and what is called ‘College Life.’  

On one side where the practice of Customized Grooming, formed me up into a purposeful being, by infusing me with confidence, non-confined knowledge and opportunities.  

There was this other side where the practice of Honing Technical Skills whether it be receiving the strident and regular training of the very required MS Excel, the very popular MS Access & SPSS or whether it be the latest and trending R. Studio… made me stand out from the rest!! 

I never realized that what I undertook as only my assignments and tasks which would fetch me good marks were actually the process wherein, I was being made ready to face the corporate world.  

My decision landed me onto a place where, also the least accredited got the chance to showcase himself among the crowd, wherein no one was under-estimated, and all were treated equally by the professors and admin staff.  

“It’s really a life changing experience, that makes you really appreciate what you’ve got!” –  Chris Eubanks 

It has been my utmost grace to have come at Narayana Business School, which unfolded the very best of me, and put in front of me the flairs that I possess not just as a management student, but also as in individual.  

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