Life at Narayana Business School is like an IPL T20 cricket season. It is an exciting time filled with lots of fun, lots of action, lots of partying, late night grueling sessions, coaching advice, practice in the nets, lots of glamour and our players playing at their best. The only difference is that our players are auctioned at the end of the season, not at the beginning

CAMPUS LIFE at Narayana Business School

An MBA is different from other courses. Unlike most other programs, students at MBA or PGDM programs learn more from their peer group than from classrooms. They gain more from the network they build than through the job they get. It is, hence, particularly important that MBA students join an institute that has a campus which promotes team work, team building and provides ample facility for network building. 

There is also compelling evidence that high-quality infrastructure eases better instruction, and improves student outcomes. Narayana Business School understands the importance of infrastructure in the life of a student. It has, therefore, created an ecosystem within the campus beneficial to learning and career building of students.   

A campus spread across 10 acres of lush greenery and equipped with ultramodern infrastructure, NBS Ahmedabad offers a wonderful experience to students. Besides an amphitheater and auditorium, there is also an indoor and outdoor sports complex, gardens, a library, a computer lab, a cafeteria, etc. The campus is lush and filled with greenery.  

The institute’s classrooms are air-conditioned, spacious, and well-equipped with everything from Internet access to a computer system with a cloud network. With the aim of fostering positive learning experiences, NBS also houses air-conditioned computer labs and PDP (PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM) rooms. NBS is the first business school to use the Microsoft Edu Cloud Campus. Every student has a dedicated Edu Cloud account which has access to all Microsoft software as well as personal Cloud Storage. 

At Narayana Business School, learning is redefined by the world-class faculty who are highly qualified in their fields. Students at Narayana are molded by their knowledge, research, and industry experiences which stay with them throughout their careers. Faculty members give individual attention to each student to groom them and, therefore, to avoid the pitfalls of corporate life as they climb the ladder. As a teaching pedagogy, NBS uses Bloom’s taxonomy, which relates theoretical concepts to actual application in industry. We at Narayana believe that every student has a lot of potential and specific skills that can be explored and enhanced by mentorship.