Life at NARAYANA BUSINESS SCHOOL starts with an ‘aha’ followed by lots of ‘phew’ and ends with a ‘wow!’ What changes you will experience here is your perception about life.

Life at NBS is a basket of ‘paradoxes’‘oops’‘damn it’‘OMG’ and their sibling stuffs. One puts in one’s best foot forward in a B-school with dreams like studying a lot, becoming a topperreading lots of books, participating in B-schools fests, along with enjoying the years of academic life with good bunch of friends, with intelligent faculty, and finally securing a good job in an MNC with a short, followed by a medium and long term, plans. Sooner or later (s) he realizes that the SWOT analysis (s) he did for the GD/PI process was a kinder Garden exercise and so that was way different from the naked truth.

Life at NBS is lot more than what meets to eye. If it’s not a cakewalk then it’s not a yoke around one’s neck too. It’s about burning midnight oil and doing (no)thing, it’s about brainstorming and taking no conclusion back home, it’s accepting everything and sustaining nothing, it’s saying ‘my friend I agree to what you said’, when you hate the person and abhor the idea, it’s about inclusive learning, it’s a journey with sweetest friends with great mettle, with differentiating capability, it’s learning from wizards, it’s meeting corporate honchos, it’s getting to know THE REAL life, it’s a place where dreams are transformed into the reality, It’s an arena where you learn as how to take the bull by the horns, it’s life at NARAYANA.