Key Leadership qualities desirous in an MBA application

Key Leadership qualities desirous in an MBA application

Like a diamond glisten uniquely, an MBA degree banked up in one’s arsenal also pays its worth in providing a luxurious and smooth lifestyle. The degree has its own special perks and returns the favor of the time and money you invested in acquiring it generously. It glorifies your portfolio like an exquisite gem. During the course of the degree all the managerial skills are hammered into the candidate’s personality and after the completion of the degree course he/she rises up as a new individual who has been molded and recrafted to deal with the capricious corporate world.

It is estimated that there will a hike in the employment rate of MBA qualified candidates as 80 % of the companies in the corporate world tends to hire them in 2019-2020. Many graduates are gravitating towards this degree so it is very important for the aspirants to draft their MBA admission application form carefully to mark their presence differently among all of them.

India possesses some of the best business schools where you can enrol and pursue this higher degree. There are some the best b-schools in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow which offer different specialization in this degree. No matter where the candidate applies his/her MBA application form for pursuing this degree, the admission panel always look for something contrasting. They receive a ton of application forms but they choose only a few who portray their personality and characteristics uniquely. A simple admission form and a good score in the entrance exam is not going to take one par.

Aspirants who are planning for pursuing this degree must know that they need to stand differently from the hoard. The admission panel in different b-schools looks for a glimpse of leadership spark in candidates which can be further nurtured and polished during the course of the degree. So, it is important for the candidates to draft their leadership qualities quite gracefully in their admission form. But first, it is crucial to know about the different leadership qualities. They not only raise the level of your portfolio but also marks your unique presence among the others. Possessing essential leadership skill provides you a cutting edge over the other competitors.

Essential Leadership skills are:

  1. Good communication: The most fundamental trait which every leader should possess to carry out seamless working of a project. Good communication between the team leader and all the other members is the key for the flawless running of all the operations. A good communicator must ensure that all the members understand the objectives clearly and should also deem about all the queries raised by them.
  2. Resoluteness: It is crucial for a good leader to take important decisions quickly and carefully. A good leader must be able to handle strenuous tasks under a high-pressure environment. Critical thinking and decisiveness are the hot traits which must be incorporated by a good leader in his/her personality.

Problem-solving is art which demands creativity and pragmatism. A good leader must be flexible enough to create a balance between them to solve different queries and pave his/her team’s way to the top.

  • Integrity: A bright star always glimmers no matter the situation or conditions. Integrity is a key trait in the skill set of a good leader which glorifies his/her personality. Integrity is always confused with honesty, but the trait has a deeper meaning. It represents that one should stand for the values in which one believes. A good leader should always possess and strong values and should have the guts to stand by them which not only creates a healthy environment in the workplace but also grows a sense of ethical working among all the team members.
  • Motivation: Motivation is the art of making people gratified for the work they do for you and getting the most of the effort and time invested in the job. A good leader must be able to prod the team members to achieve the desired milestone.

Failures are the stepping stones to reach the final destination. A good leader must be stoic enough to provide a back hold to the team so that they don’t break under the stress of failures and should be empathetic enough to clearly analyze the reasons of the failures so that they are not repeated again.

  • Organization: A good leader must be able to organize the workload efficiently. It is the duty of the good leader to dissect the workload and distribute it among the team members and direct them accordingly. Organization of work is a delicate task which must be handled carefully be the leader to carry on the operations of the project flawlessly.  
  • Team Building: Relationship building is an important aspect of a leader’s personality. A good leader must be able to inculcate a healthy relationship between the team members. One must not boss around and should understand the importance of teamwork. A good leader must be able to teach and mentor the team members in strenuous tasks and coach them accordingly to achieve successful results.

These were some of the essential traits which must be present in the skill set of good leaders. Candidates must deem about these traits and should work on their respective personalities to incorporate the missing ones. The leadership traits not only raise the grace of the portfolio but if drafted properly also marks your presence differently among the other aspirants. Here are some points which will help you cover the lack of leadership qualities in your MBA application.

Points to ponder

  1. Include your approaches to problem-solving: Describe the methodology and the approach you follow to solve different problems. It is important for you to describe to the admission committee that you can take critical decisions and are up for the laborious tasks of the corporate world. Target the HOW? aspect of the questions rather than WHAT? aspect.
  2. Enhance the coaching skills: Describe your mentoring and influencing skills in the application. Revolve around the experience where you influenced a person or group of people to stand up for some objective.
  3. Share your successful ideas: Sometimes you are the lone wolf in the organization and could not influence some people. Don’t worry this does not mean you lack the leadership qualities. Talk about the successful ideas you came up for your firm which were implemented and resulted fruitfully. This will clearly describe the leadership qualities in your personality and leave a good impression on the admission panel.
  4. Don’t hesitate to describe your personal traits: Describe all your leadership traits which you possess in your personality. Try to add a dash of your personal touch to mark your presence on the admission panel.
  5. Take out the ace up your sleeves: Don’t miss out to describe your most influential task in the form. Whether it is some charity work, an idea you came up which benefitted your firm or some other exercise where you directed people to achieve the required objective, try to genuinely draft it in your admission form. This will provide you’re a form a superior edge over the others.

The 3 golden points which are to be discussed in the ace idea are:

  • Stakes and Responsibilities: What were the responsibilities and the stakes for you when you encouraged someone or directed some people towards a goal?
  • Audience: Who did you persuade? A person or a group of people
  • Cajolery: What was your approach to persuasion? Were you only present in the situation or you stood for your grounds and took some measures to ensure that the condition resulted fruitfully?

By incorporating the above-mentioned tips, you can strengthen your MBA admission form and impress the admission panel by the leadership qualities you possess in your personality. A candidate must know that it is important that the admission form must speak for you rather than you should describe your traits in front of the admission panel.

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