Crack the Personal Interview Round by being Well-Prepared – Tips

So you have cleared your MBA entrance test and now preparing to face interviews of best of B-schools! The most feared and one of the most important phase in selecting right candidates by the management institutes is ‘Personal Interview’ round. Many students dread this process and get nervous. But if you get nervous at this stage, the panel members are going to see it and you would not be selected.  Right now the season of MBA admissions for the new academic year has started and thus preparation for GD, PI and WAT is being done by the MBA aspirants.Job Interview Tips

In order to excel in personal interview round lets see some tips that helps to give your best shot.  First of all you have to understand the things which the B-schools look in the students and select them. Basically there are certain qualities that are looked by the panellists in you which you should exhibit it in your communication with them, they are as follows:


The first thing that the interviewers notice in you is the basic knowledge you have about currents events and other things. Be clear in concepts of subjects that you have studied in your graduation or post-graduation level. Try to give to the point and real answers, please do not stuff your answers with unwanted jargon’s.

Clarity of Goals

Be very clear in your mind about why you want to do MBA course and expectations from this program. The most generic questions that are asked in PI is- Why do you want to pursue MBA?’ or ‘Why our B-school?’ Be well-prepared with impressive answers to these questions. You may be cross-questioned on your given answers until the panelists are satisfied. So your goal for MBA should be clearly communicated with proper justification and correlation.

General Awareness

You should be well aware of the current affairs and general knowledge about different topics. Develop a habit of reading newspaper daily which is best source in keeping you well-informed. Never appear blank in front of panelists when asked any current affairs question. Keep yourself aware with world economy, environmental happenings, entertainment industry, sports, social and political.

Good Communication Skills

This trait is extremely important for a leader in making. The way you talk to panelists, communicate your point shows your communication skills. Speak in a low pitch voice, keep the answer short and to-the-point. For example- don’t continue speaking when you are expected to end the answer, and don’t stop in between when they want to hear more on certain issue.

Exhibit leadership and management qualities

MBA prepares you to be a future leader in your field, so it’s quite obvious that panelists would look in for leadership qualities in candidates. They might give you a particular situation and ask your viewpoint on it. Your answer to any question would tell how good leader you can be in the future.


In Personal interview round you should be confident enough no matter what your opinion or reply is to a specific question. Just be confident in your approach, for instance they might ask your opinion about certain controversy, here voice your opinion with confidence. Lack of confidence is not going to work in your favor.

These were some prime areas which should be strong before you go for facing the personal interview round. Just be yourself and well-prepared when facing the panelists.