Congratulations on choosing management as career option! You may be planning to pursue or have already taken admission in any government or private MBA college to pursue your management degree. At this point of career when planning is going on you may think about the effectiveness of the MBA degree on your future and what job prospects you would have.

As more and more number of MBA colleges comes into existence every academic year, you may think ‘Is MBA degree over-hyped?’ But in reality it’s not about the hype that has been created around this course but this course have strong pedagogy and moreover it opens doors to various sector of industry. Companies who are employing the management professionals demand at least MBA degree from their employees.

This course in my view is about rigorous theoretical and practical training on the management and leadership qualities that can give a whole new perspective of the corporate work culture and its working.

Many management gurus have their own opinion on this issue but the market reality shows the success rate for students who have started their career with an MBA degree to their kitty. The variations of specializations available with MBA gives it differential approach and opens doors to many career options in different industries like retail, banking, insurance, finance, petroleum, hospital management, pharmaceutical, etc. The government colleges used to have limited number of seats whereas the MBA aspirants outnumbered it. In such scenario coming up of private MBA colleges have been a boon for the students who want to pursue this management degree. Just make it sure that the private college you choose is AICTE approved to ensure market value of the MBA degree they are providing.

‘Demand ignites supply’, this quote works well for MBA has its huge demand has resulted into the coming up of so many B-schools and yes they all are full of admissions every academic year! Moreover market absorbs the young management professionals in good jobs if done from an authentic B-school. People from different backgrounds and fields also change their career plan by pursuing MBA. This can be easily witnessed in top B-schools of the world were several medial, engineering and IT professionals are studying MBA.

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