How to Fix Your Broken LinkedIn Profile and Create One That Makes Recruiters Come to You 

Having more than 200 million users throughout the world LinkedIn has made its presence amongst all its rivalry products. Nowadays, having a LinkedIn account or a LinkedIn profile is important in order to lend up in a perfect job.  LinkedIn Jobs, a job hunting site is the most preferred social network for the professionals as well as for those who trust LinkedIn for their job hunt process.
A study says that LinkedIn Jobs is the best LinkedIn platform for job search.  

Before you actually start connecting with people, it is always important to take out some time in order to completely fill your profile wherein it highlights all your strengths and explains them to your client and the prospects those who are looking for.   

It is always important to timely maintain your account too. So, let us see some steps those will surely help you to build your LinkedIn profile wherein the recruiters can contact you. Read on to find out which are they. 

Get your best professional head shot 

A LinkedIn profile is similar to a work resume, where you display your past education information, work experience, skills, current work position and profile picture. The first and foremost important thing of all is to have a perfect profile picture. You must have a professional photograph on your LinkedIn account. The profile picture sets the tone. Whenever you are uploading a photograph for your LinkedIn account, ensure to check that the background is either white or something in light. The study tells that the accounts having professional profile picture are contacted more often. 

Have proper headline 

Headline always matters. After the profile photo what matters the most is your profile headline. The recruiters always tend to notice the headline.  Make sure that your headline is always up-to-date.  The headline must always explain your skills and what you are hunting for. Always make sure that you update your profile in every 3 months time span. 

Proper Summary 

A summary is the only place wherein you can provide detailed information about yourself, about your experience, achievements, key skills, your accomplishments and achievements. 

Active Profile 

Never just be a stalker to your profile if you want LinkedIn to work in your case. The first and foremost thing is that you must get in talks with your connections on LinkedIn on time to time basis. This can be done either by wishing them on their birthdays or by congratulating them on their anniversaries especially the work anniversaries. You can even help people and reply them in a prompt way. Take active part in various group conversations and also give a positive feedback for people on their posts. You must always keep your LinkedIn profile updated.  

Join groups those share some common interest 

Make sure to take active part in various group conversations that interests you. This in turn will help you to connect with various likeminded people.  


Customize your linked-in connection request 

Before sending some request to people on LinkedIn, you must write some customized message. This will help the person to know you in a better way and even help him in analyzing the reason for getting in touch. Whenever you are sending a request to anyone, your motive behind the connection request must be clear.  

However, you can customize your profile by following the below mentioned steps. 

Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL. 

Temporarily Turn Off Activity Broadcast 

If you’ve had LinkedIn for a while and have already connected with people, updating your profile will fill their feed and your ‘Wall’ with update notices. This means that if you happen to choose to update your LinkedIn with ‘old details’, for instance, if you are finally coming out as the HR manager that you are, your connections will think that you’ve only gotten the job recently. 

Add media into the summary section  

This could be your portfolio of work, specific media pieces you’re interested in or awards and recognition you’ve received. It’s not just about saying how great you are. Let your “digital trophies” and work do the talking for you too. 

In the nutshell 

Whenever creating any LinkedIn profile avoid making repetitive mistakes. The first and foremost mistake the candidates tend to make whenever reaching out to the recruiters is to focus on wrong things. Whenever you apply for any job or try connecting with various recruiters always have proper information about the job and ask for job description.  

Are you aware about the section in the LinkedIn profile which includes listing of publications? It provides you a means of listing the free resources in order to catch client’s attention and turn the prospects for repetitive clients. The various presentations and the eBooks showcase your knowledge.  

As stated above, you must also focus on growing your contact list through increasing your connection levels. LinkedIn even classifies the level of each contact depending upon how you have generated a connection with each other. 

If at some point you feel that recruiters are no more contacting you then your profile must be missing something. This might include the following: 

  • Your profile does not contain the relevant keywords. 
  • The job title in your profile is not the one which exactly matches the LinkedIn data dictionary. 
  • What you are selling is not something which the company is looking for.  
  • As stated above, you must always focus on growing your LinkedIn Network or LinkedIn connections. 

If you happen to follow the guide in a proper way then your LinkedIn Jobs search would surely be successful.  

Whenever you invite someone to explore your connection, it is always a good idea to send the respective person a message that explains you about how you know the person and how you would be benefitted with that particular connection. See to that you have your LinkedIn profile updated, when you talk about your job interests as it is the Best LinkedIn Platform for Job.