Exploring Truth Behind Guerrilla Marketing Myths – Continues..

Guerrilla marketing is fast catching up the marketing plans of the entrepreneurs. People when find it difficult to excite results out of regular marketing strategies, take resort to guerrilla marketing. Top management institutes also teach their students about this marketing technique for situations when normal marketing strategies do not work out. This article continues to burst some more myths surrounding this marketing type:

Myth No.6

Great and functional marketing would give results instantly.


The sale which is of first-rate works rapidly, limited time offers also gives instant results. Great marketing efforts and plans are not mere submerge of limited offers and sales. Customers gained through those tactics may be quick to come, but would not be loyal in the long run as they tend to switch the brand on the basis of lower prices and temporary lucrative offers. Effective marketing is the perfect combination of desire creation in the minds of target customers and then pulling them towards you with the help of special sales and limited time period offers. But avoid resorting to quick buck marketing as it would ultimately lead to degradation. Some of the great marketing firms in the world took their own time to establish themselves. None of the big shots would tell you a story of overnight success with any of the marketing strategies. During training time also management institutes teach not to expect any instant results from marketing plans.

Mythbuster Guerrilla Marketing part 2
Truth Behind Guerrilla Marketing Myths – Part 2

Myth No.7

Marketing techniques should be altered regularly to maintain its freshness.


Top management institutes always tell their students to plan long-term marketing plans, as solid marketing would be better for product and service promotion. Here the marketing guerrillas would also be able to create plans of marketing efforts for years together. So do you really think that constant change in marketing strategy would establish any company as a solid brand? I think long-term planning works best.

Myth No. 8

Only memorable marketing is considered successful.


Any marketing that moves up the sale and popularity of your product or service is successful in real sense. There is no concept of memorable marketing. The priority remains whether public like your offerings or not. The only thing that matters here is, if the target customers are motivated enough to take a buying decision.

Myth No. 9

Negative publicity is better than zero publicity.


The management institutes during the training time period, ask the future managers to maintain a positive image and publicity of the company they are going to be associated with. At no point negative publicity would be beneficial for any company. No publicity is far better than it. People would just talk and laugh out at the expense of business having negative publicity. Guerrilla marketing experts who are in complete love with publicity funda should avoid bad publicity at any cost.

Myth No. 10

An honest profit earning is all that matters.


Marketing being an extract from mass communications is evolutionary in nature. Here equal weightage is enjoyed by sensitivity and good taste of choice. Right marketing strategy would teach, inform, announce, motivate and enlighten the customers’ behavior. Ideal guerilla marketing would not offend anyone, have material of taste and substance with an element of honesty in it.

Those were certain Guerilla marketing myths which I have resolved here. Good and top management institutes teach such theories to their students at academic level so that they come out as real polished management leaders.

Truth Behind Guerrilla Marketing Myths – Part 1

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