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Career Guidance Seminar on 18th May

By AbhijeetSinh Jadeja ( Life Coach & Success Guru )

Event Highlights:

  • Transparent communication about various career options available after graduation.
  • Know how to steer clear of confusion regarding education institute and course selection.
  • How to avoid unsolicited advices spoil selection of right career option.
  • To assist you in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices from myriads of Career Options.
  • Plan your future effectively.

A word about Mr. Abhijeetsinh Jadeja

  • Student Success Guru, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Author.
  • Author of the best seller book ‘Student Mastery’.
  • Conducts Seminars / Workshops on self-development to support students to awaking the hidden potential and energy from within.
  • Has touched more than 5 Lakh lives in just a span of 7 years.

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