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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Narayana business School.

The Indian corporate sector has been swept by a force of change led by remarkable growth and global integration. This has led managers to adapt to the new environment by re-inventing their Organizations and practices.

On the other side, the Indian education fraternity has struggled to respond to this demand of the corporate sector. Thus time has arrived to create a new system of education. A system that is ‘for today’ and educates not just for a degree, but for a career and for life.

NBS has commenced its journey 22 years ago providing invaluable contribution to the field of education and management learning. We are a dynamic business school that has made positive impact on companies, students and society in short span of time. In entire Gujarat, NBS enjoys strategic and financial autonomy that very few peer B-schools have managed to achieve.

Our main focus is quality education which is reflected in our unique course curriculum, faculty development, research initiatives and design of programs. Our campus in Ahmedabad addresses the need of quality education creating a pool of future leaders and topnotch professionals.

Our motto is to transform every student into leaders in every area of life and identify their capabilities. At NBS, students receive a solid grounding in all the functional areas of business, and learn how to go beyond them to consider the big picture, approaching each challenge with creativity and a willingness to take risks. It’s a groundbreaking approach that can help you shape your career, business and the world-for the better.

Narayana Business School’s professional programs will prepare you to outsmart the competition, excel the fast paced global economy, solve problems creatively and build consensus across diverse groups.

I invite you to be a part of NBS.

Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Dr. Amit Gupta

Indrajeet is a young educationist entrepreneur who started his professional career by founding iQuanta, a digital education venture. He is committed towards expanding accessibility to quality education at affordable price points at all levels. With that in his stride, he has taken up the Directorship of Narayana Business School. The Board of Governors have reposed their faith in Indrajeet’s vision to reorient the management education landscape, thus making him the youngest director on the board. His journey from a village in Begusarai, Bihar to becoming a successful businessman serves as an inspiration to thousands of young professionals. Continuing on the path of being an educationist at the core, he imparts a plethora of enriching business lessons from his own experience to the students at NBS.

Vision at Narayana Business School:

Over the past five years at iQuanta, through my interaction with students from top-tier business schools, I have recognised the widening gap between the curriculum and the industry expectation. 

A wider acknowledgement of the trend is the sporadic growth of online courses that promise to make business school students, ‘industry-ready’. The right answer is not to load students to take up these courses because it just delays them from entering the workforce. Instead, efforts need to be made to make the two years that are spent at Business School more relevant and valuable for the students. At the core of the solution is a better connect between industry and academia.

Narayana Business School’s vision is aligned to my own as they stand for innovative learning methodology and cultivation of practical skills. They are committed to maintaining market competency in management education. I took up directorship at NBS to serve as the bridge between academia and the new-age tech industry with the intent to make students well-skilled to meet the expectations of their future employers as soon as they enter the workforce. I will serve as the youngest Director at Narayana Business School to ensure that we keep creating management professionals who become innovative, creative and knowledgeable business leaders of tomorrow.

We are proud of our industry-ready well-skilled students who have successfully overtaken role of innovative, creative and knowledgeable business leaders in diverse industries.

Mr. Indrajeet Singh