Colours of Fun “INDRADHANUSH”

We at Narayana business school believe that fun is the most important part of study and hence we organised once again our yearly extravaganza “INDRADHANUSH”. A week long carnival of joy which was celebrated from 9th February 2015- 14th February 2015. Days were again a great fun where every student as well as faculty got their piece of happiness and fun.

A dialogue from movie says ‘If u don’t run fast, you will not be surviving this competitive world’ and to make this clear our day 1 was “Executive day”. That day we showed that world is a very competitive place and to be in it you have to give your best. Our students were ready as they faced challenges of Business quiz and Best from waste auction, where in earlier a hard business quiz of world scenario were faced and on later products were made from waste by them and auctioned.

NBS Indradhanush Executive Day Ahmedabad Campus
NBS Indradhanush Executive Day – Ahmedabad Campus

Next was the “Bollywood day” which was all about drama and masti and showing the creative and filmy side of oneself in it. And the challenge of Documentary competition was overcome by students with flying colours. But as we say “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”. We gave them a small flashback to them by taking them back to the best days of the life of a person, “Back to school day”. On that day the child mode of everyone was switched on completely. All came dressed up in their over fit school uniforms and carried a bag full of old memories. ‘NOSTALGIC’ the word which will be small to describe the day, as it ended with Treasure hunt.

The feeling of nostalgia was converted into a proud and pity feeling for the Motherland. Next day was “Social cause day”, that day bought a feeling of emotion in the students as they performed street plays in first half on the social issues of the countries and tried to get a way out of it and later on saved many lives by donating blood in the campus. The youth was exited to do so as many donated first time while some were the regular donors. The organisation collecting blood was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of children to do something for motherland.

Narayana Business School Social cause day

“Evil is the new good” with this thought started the second last day of festival as “Halloween day” where all revealed their evil side and dressed in the scariest possible ways. And also did a Creepy ramp walk after which the typical tradition of Halloween known as trick or treat was played. Participants ate some creepiest things ever tasted in their life. While some drank the mouth freshener while others ate Oreo biscuit filed with toothpaste and red chilli.

Last day a surprise was thrown by the management team to the students by creating a mesmerising atmosphere for all on the eve of Valentine’s Day. It was a day were all had total fun while some expressed their love in the open while others had fun teasing and pulling legs of others in a healthy way.

Valentine day @ NBS Campus Ahmedabad

Overall a week long extravaganza which was fun filled celebrations of the life and a place to fill their bags with the memories of good time into it flew away with so much fun that no one realised that a week passed and all wanted the days to never get over, but all understood that it was the time to get geared up the challenges of life ahead and prepare themselves for the corporate and their pressure.