Coining the Future of Business Leaders with the help of B-schools

Successful management of any company or organization is the result of right decisions at the right time, or you can say proper guidance and leadership which is a result of contextual intelligence. All top B-schools lay stress on developing and polishing leadership qualities in their students so that they become successful managers in future.

Prime question that arises in most of our minds are ‘how is an academic training helpful in developing and enhancing business leadership?’ The format of imparting education in B-schools have undergone a major change in the 21st century. Earlier having a strong academic background was not a mandatory parameter for achieving business success. In view of entrepreneurial establishments management education is still not very important, but in most of the business establishments having an MBA degree has become a prerequisite. It has established as a typical path for advancement in management. MBA degree from a reputed B-school clears your path and opens door to many unexplored opportunities in life.

B-schools play a major role in helping develop business leaders. For ages there has been debate whether leaders are born or made. After years of study and analysis of the society’s business leaders it has been found that these people are a combination of characteristics and context. In all successful top CEOs of companies you would notice these qualities. Risk tolerance, vision, perseverance, etc are some characteristics found in business leaders.

These people are intelligent enough to utilize their personal characteristics in order to maximize use the opportunities around them. Here the role of B-schools cannot be ruled out, they are helpful for the students to understand and appreciate the contexts of their functioning. The learning process at these institutes help students identify and refine their individual understanding of the leadership potential and skills. If we surf through the history apart from a few handfuls of leaders, most of them have developed leadership qualities over a period of time with the right kind of education and guidance from their mentors.

The business leaders have evolved themselves over the time and fitted themselves against the contextual landscape. Right from the 20th century the key factors that intervened businesses are- government business policies, the effect of globalization and geopolitics, coming up of opportunities due to demographic changes, labor movements, the role of technology and prevailing social norms.

Business leaders are sometimes sources of inspiration and learning for leaders of other spheres. B-schools with good education system know that business leadership is context specific, and developing this trait should not be focused on one-size-fits-all funda. Over a period of time and studying historical leadership have enriched the understanding of the environmental factors and conditions that contribute towards success. Business leaders tend to be in a win-win situation if they develop an understanding of the contextual landscape where they are working. Be in conscious with your weaknesses and strengths, this would place you in a better position and develop a stable working environment.