Clubs and Activities

Life at the NBS Campus is full of opportunities that give students the freedom and flexibility to live their passion and polish their innate skills. You will never see the light of dullness. We celebrate life every day like there is no tomorrow.

NBS has more than 12 students’ clubs & committees for each of your talents. Students clubs & committees organize events & activities around the year to fulfil your co-curricular/extra-curricular needs, including all festivities & cultural programs.

Whatever your interest may be, there is always a way to get indulge in NBS. Our students are leaders, thinkers, and doers and use the world – as their playground for experimentation. With the abundance of activities at NBS, you are sure to find what interests you. Club leaders bring in seasoned executives to conduct skill-building sessions and resume reviews as well as informal lunch talks and broad networking opportunities.


The Cultural Committee of NBS responsible for conducting and organizing festivals, Student events, Cultural Nights, Alumni Meet, conferences, Guest Sessions and seminars on campus. A house to all the artists on campus, NBS CulComm provide them with facilities to practice and perform or giving those memories for a lifetime.

The vision of this club is to explore the inhibit skills and navigate an Individual towards building their own brand identity.

Committee Activities

Ganpati Celebration
Ratri before Navratri
The NBS Elocution
The NBS Debate
The NBS Musical Evening

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Noopur Surti
Event Committee Members: Manasvi Mistry 2019-21
Abhishek Jain 2019-21
Aayushi Shah 2019-21
Pinal Mehta 2019-21
Dipankar Maity 2020-22
Pragnya Singh 2020-22
Kishan thacker 2020-22
Aastha Jain 2020-22
Mitee Vaghela 2020-22
Arunima Yadav 2020-22
Media & Sponsorship Committee Members: Guneetsingh Soni 2019-21
Mansi Shah 2019-21
Akash Shaw 2019-21
Arpit Jobanputra 2020-22
Rashi Sharma 2020-22
Siddharth khandelwal 2020-22
Hardik Kakani 2020-22
Pranjali Sharma 2020-22
Mehak Chopra 2020-22


The Philanthropic club aims towards giving back to society. With the motto of doing something for society, NBS PhilComm regularly organizes frequent visits to Orphanages, Old Age Homes, and Differently Abled Houses to spend quality time with them sharing warmth and unconditional love. Such things provide educational career and networking opportunities to MBA students interested in developing social responsibility through various significant projects in association with NGOs and Corporates.

The objective is to harness the social impact on the minds of aspiring managers leading to make a difference.

Committee Activities

The NBS TGBS (The time to give it back to the society)
The Dream Green Project
The NBS Food Drive
Rural Educators of NBS
NBS Philanthropic Week

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Shraddha Mittal
Event Committee Members: Kalpesh Mojadi 2019-21
Jay Patel 2019-21
Anshika Nema 2019-21
Shirja Jain 2019-21
Shivangi Dev 2020-22
Asthi Asati 2020-22
Simran Gupta 2020-22
Suraj Parmar 2020-22
Bhavya Dattani 2020-22
Yogesh Batham 2020-22
Kalpesh Bothra 2020-22
Sumit Gupta 2020-25
Maitri Pandya 2020-25


NBS Finance Club contributes to several strategic initiatives when it comes to exploring and encouraging recent financial trends. To align students with ongoing trends and happenings of the industry, NBS FinComm undertakes initiatives for the students.  

It guides students towards a career in Banking, non-banking corporate finance, and private wealth management. 

Committee Activities

The Bull Game
The FinQuiz
The NBS COITA talk: COITA- Corporate Finance, Investment banking & Trading
The Stock Trading Simulation
The Art of Budgeting
The Trouble Saver
The Card Game

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Anjali Shah
Event Committee Members: Abhishek Jain 2019-21
Sunny Verma 2020-22
Shweta Gurung 2020-22
Dhyan Patel 2020-22
Prachi Budhadeo 2020-22


With the vision to imbibe a healthy & competitive sporting spirit in the students of NBS, NBS SportsComm works amidst the intensive academic rigor to provide ample 360-degree developmental opportunities. SportsComm organizes sporting activities for the student and faculty community, leading to a healthy, mentally, and physically fit the work environment.

SportsComm conducts sporting extravaganzas mainly in Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Carom, Chess, and Snooker & Athletics.

Committee Activities

Table Tennis
Lawn Tennis
Snooker & Athletics

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Hardik Brahmbhatt
Event Committee Members: Abhishek Jagtap 2019-21
Anjali Rajput 2019-21
Mihir Jani 2019-21<
Devang Babbar 2019-21
Alwyn Antony 2020-22
Kush Gupta 2020-22
Saurabh Tiwari 2020-22
Ramesh Deshmukh 2020-22
Nidhi Jethva 2020-22


MarComm bestows support and resources to members pursuing a career in the field of marketing. MarComm provides mentorship to the members on current trends in the field of marketing, branding, advertising, communication, and sales. It focuses on propelling them to think further hence helping them to source job opportunities in this domain. MarComm organizes guest sessions from Industry Stalwarts. MarComm organizes a flagship series of sessions from the legends of marketing known as “MAX – Marketing Excellence Series”.  

The Major objective of MarComm is to focus on the empowerment of NBS students by focusing on Creativity, Innovation. We achieve these objectives by focusing on experiential learning activities apart from the regular sessions.

Committee Activities

Roar through the Cause
Corporate Doodles
Enact the Act
Logo Designing
Influencer Activities
The Big Boss – Case Writing Competition
The NBS CRIM (Creativity, Innovation in Marketing) Talk
Sales Elevator Pitch Competition
Guess the Brand
Marketing Gamification
Retailing it is!

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Shivangi Shukla
Event Committee Members: Manasvi Mistry 2019-21
Dhaval Joshi 2020-22
Nitin Agarwal 2020-22
Ritik Rathore 2020-22


To provide greater exposure to the students, HRComm aims to organize activities to emphasize the development of interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world.

HRcomm serves as an excellent platform for all HR enthusiasts to come forward and exchange their ideas relating to the latest trends of HR, to explore the vast ocean of HR knowledge, and to sustain and preserve the ideals of Human resource management.

HRComm has the responsibility to conduct various events to keep students abreast of the latest trends in HR.

Committee Activities

Team Building Games
Students Exchange Week
The Mindfulness Week
The R&R (Rewards and Recognition)
The HRLIN (HR Learning & Innovation)
Theme based one liner of NBS
The Epic New Hire Intro
All about Vision and Mission Statement

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Pragya Sharma
Event Committee Members: Pinal Mehta 2019-21
Aayushi Shah 2019-21
Rishita De 2020-22
Rini Jain 2020-22
Jinagna Shah 2020-22


To motivate budding entrepreneur’s NBS houses a state-of-the-art NBSpreneurs cell. The place where innovations & new ideas are incubated and promoted. Through a wide network across the industry, NBSpreneur cell provides students with mentorship guidance and financial as well as infrastructural support. 

Start-Ups are incubated with an initial corpus of up to 50 lakhs capital for innovative & Clinique ideas. Corporate donations & empowerment are welcomed.

Committee Activities

The NBS Business Bazigar
My Idea Corner
The Business Idea and Innovation Projects
The Winter Carnival
The Social Entrepreneur of NBS
The Mind Spider

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Maaz Saiyed
Event Committee Members: Guneetsingh Soni 2019-21
Sapna Jain 2019-21
Jay Patel 2019-21
Rimpi Banerjee 2019-21
Gaurav Jain 2020-22
Naveen Sharma 2020-22
Meet Dalsania 2020-22
Mohit Jain 2020-22
Siddarth Shukla 2020-22
Ankit Giri 2020-22


The Photography Club at NBS aims to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge, and passion for photography. The committee allows its members to collaborate and exhibit their expertise on various social event platforms. Thus, helping them in exploring possible opportunities for all their photography projects.

The ClickComm is the backbone for every event at NBS for capturing and turning them into Cherish Golden Memories. 

Committee Activities

The Theme-based Photography Competition
The Photographer of the Week
In-field Photographer
Video Making Competition

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Diksha Sisodiya
Event Committee Members: Ranjit Prajapati 2019-21
Rimpi Banerjee 2019-21
Vaishali Sali 2019-21
Sudhanshu Agarwal 2020-22
Kaushal Patel 2020-22
Saifi Ansari 2020-22


The Editorial committee aims to disseminate the information and exhibit the Intellectual Writing capabilities of students by allowing them to publish Articles, Blogs, Research papers, Quarterly newsletters thus giving them exposure to unleash their creativity at best.

The committee is responsible for documentation of activities and events happening in the institute and publish them in the newsletter. The Newsletter is a compilation of the events and highlights of the past Quater, along with artwork, creative writing, and academic writing. Edcomm also conducts competitions that can enhance the linguistic skills of the students.

Committee Activities

The Monday Motivator of NBS
The Best Newsletter Creator of NBS
The LinkedIn Post Competition
The Blog Writing Competition

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Imroz Mansuri
Event Committee Members: Jay Chaturvedi 2019-21
Mansi Shah 2019-21
Shiksha Verma 2020-22
Srishti Soni 2020-22
Nikita Chamadiya 2020-22


The social media committee is responsible for publicizing the events and activities on varied social media platforms. Students actively participate in various events organized during the NBS social media week.

The Committee fosters its responsibility by creating, posting, moderating, and updating varied Institute activities on social media platforms. Hence, playing an instrumental role in developing a relationship with current students, alumni, new aspirants, and industry.

Committee Activities

Never Have I Ever
I Tweet,You Tweet
Behind the Wheel
Empathy Excercise

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Dhruti Shah
Event Committee Members: Parth Patel 2019-21
Parth Bavasiya 2019-21
Rashmi Sharma 2019-21
Akanksha Bhortakke 2019-21
Nisha Chaudhary 2019-21
Sakshi Paliwal 2020-22
Indrajeet Saini 2020-22
Jhanvi Mehta 2020-22


Placement Committee primarily focuses on placing the aspirants to the aspired designations through the Placement Process. They also constantly work in alignment with other academic clubs and try to develop strong Industry- Institute linkages through guest lectures by corporate delegates, plant visits, and industrial visits organized by the institute. The committee is an interface between the aspirants, alumni and corporates to get desired placements and Internships.

The Placecomm takes care of activities like- development of the placement brochure, skills- jobs mapping, conducting Mock Group discussion and PI, facilitating on-campus interviews etc. The Committee works under the close guidance of the Placement Department.

Committee Activities

Personality development games
Mock PI
Communication Skills Program
Group Discussion Sessions
Public Speaking Activities
NEEP (NBS Employability Enhancement Program)

Co-Ordinator Details:

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Monica Maheshwari
Event Committee Members: Jayprakash Aswani 2019-21
Khyati Mashru 2019-21
Sapna Jain 2019-21
Riddhi Chawla 2019-21
Jishan Sheikh 2020-22
Jinagna Shah 2020-22
Rini Jain 2020-22
Yash Singhi 2020-22
Sunidhi Dandwate 2020-22
Vaibhav Jhanwar 2020-22
Priti Jain 2020-22