Why do we emphasize so much on choosing the Right Business School


The definition of a “right business school” may stand different for every individual but the crux is always the same i.e. it should be able to provide enough resources to make the student a well-deserving management degree holder. All business schools provide basic infrastructure, teaching facilities, systematic academia, etc. but only few of them can be distinguished from others. How? 

India is a progressive country in terms of attitude as well as education. With the growing literacy rate in India, the future population is getting ready to face international business and careers. In this context, the business schools, especially in India are enhancing themselves in many aspects. This is where the students and the concerned people get puzzled over the choice of the right business school.  

To filter out the right business school that suits your aspiration, you can weigh them on these basics but important grounds. 

Faculty & Mentors 

Faculty that understands the shortcomings of their students are always looked for. A business school in India, especially the MBA college in Ahmadabad is trying to employ teachers with specialised skills such as international business, financial analyst, etc. If you are aspiring for a career in specialized business fields, you should go for the business schools where you can have someone to help you with your doubts and concerns. Also, since the career options for management study graduates are overwhelming, the support from faculty and mentors of the college can help you in pursuing your dream career in the right direction.  

Innovation & Leadership 

A right balance of theoretical and practical teaching is necessary to complete an academic course or training with quality. This is obligatory to sustain the competitive business world. Your chosen college must have worked towards initiatives, innovations, and enhancement of leadership attributes. Look for the school’s list of events; it will tell you a lot about how innovative their teaching is. The highly beneficial events like Ted talks, knowledge fest in an MBA college in Ahmedabad will give you an exposure to external intellectual levels. The occurrence of sports, events, and gathering that promotes the sense of leadership, is a deal-breaker while shortlisting best business school. 

Support from the Fellow Students 

Networking is an essential element of academic life. It has a more prominent role when you are pursuing courses from a B-school. The students of MBA, PGDM or any similar management course are required to build up a strong network with their seniors, teachers, alumni, and visiting guests. Before you take a final decision about your business school, try to contact the alumni or current students of the college and seek their guidance for your concerns. This will assure you for the type of support you can expect while pursuing your degree/diploma, from the chosen the college. 

Career Consultancy & Placements 

As per our personal experience, the most common questions of the students and parents, at the time of admission, are related to job placements. And why not. After all, the aim is to have a well-earning career and settled life. Say, you are hunting a PGDM college in Ahmedabad, the smart city of India. You will have a lot of prestigious organizations to work with. Under such circumstances, the onus is on the college to guide you through the adequate career requirements and invite companies from your academic domain. Past placement records on the FB page of college and their official website can give you more insight in this respect. 

Campus Life & Culture 

Your true personality will shine out only under favorable college environment. The college traditions, students’ life within the campus or hostel, resources provided by college authority for development, etc. must be scrutinized while deciding over the business school. Match these with your own personality traits to see if you will be able to grow further under the chosen college’s culture.  

The people from the state of Gujarat are known for their business skills. Hence, a student pursuing a management course from a PGDM college in Ahmedabad has an added advantage. And the right business school is needed to set a strong foundation for all his future career and personal choices.  Choose Narayana Business School for more than exemplary academic and professional knowledge & expertise. 

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