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Quite often there’s an adage “Age is just a number” same doesn’t imply to budding entrepreneurs. When the moniker “Startup” buzzes in the minds of individuals be it early twenties or old fifties, some preconceived notions about the success rates with the parlance of “Age factor” often arises in the mind. There are folks who say older founders are more likely to succeed in building billion-dollar companies, and there are people who say founders come up with the best ideas in their early twenties. However, these bewilder perspectives have set different notions in the individuals. To arrive at the assenter of these facts, there’s a famous Harvard Business review article that projects the average age of a successful founder is 45.

But their criteria for what is a “startup” and what is “successful” isn’t quite how people in the startup ecosystem define them. Then there are investors who only source university programs or people who are out of Big Tech two years after have also made their ways. The checklist of all the media-selected (TechCrunch, Inc., etc.)  comes under the list of “most promising startups” and guess what they are average below 30.

So, be lead in the area of a startup requires “an idea to persist in the race”, Often jugglers are built at an early age. You start early and stay till the end after inhibiting a lot more experience. The rabbit jump in the early stage doesn’t count in building a successful startup, for this canniness must be passed whether to start early or start late.

Being younger or older doesn’t make anyone more or less likely to succeed. Recall the average age of founder of a Unicorn is 34, and the average age of a founder that got $3M+ in funding is also 34. Hence, there’s no correlation between AGE and SUCCESS.


Srishti Soni

Srishti Soni is currently pursuing PGDM in the domain of HR and IT from the Narayana Business School, Ahmedabad. She is interning at Power Grid Corporation of India Limited and an automotive content writer. You’ll feel an instant sense of connecting in an article, as she was once “CA Aspirant” and her unsettled-blind alley is now completed by pursuing PGDM from Narayana Business School.

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