Analyzing and Channelizing your Career Goals after PGDM / MBA Program

Got Career goals? Want to make a career out of management education ? Then you need to research your PGDM / MBA Program Options first.

We’re well aware that every student who decides to take up a PGDM / MBA degree course has ambitious plans charted out for future. Many start preparing their career goals during their undergraduate days itself. Some take it cautiously, while a few play the competitive side of it. In order to land at a good job for a secure future, students should evaluate which field of management is best suited for them. This is when research comes in handy.

Career GoalsSteps to evaluate your career goals

  • Every student who wishes to acquire an MBA degree to either become an entrepreneur or a management executive in the corporate sector must consider his options in the respective fields he/she wishes to be working in. Business Management studies can be done in various fields like Finance, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources and Information Technology.
  • Research about the course you wish to study during the academic years to build your future plans and career goals as well. One needs to analyze how a specific MBA degree is going to make you productive and add to your skill set.

  • A person coming with a strong Accounting background can go for Finance, someone with people and man-management skills could take up Human Resources, while those with a penchant for selling and public relations can take up Marketing. Getting trained in specific fields of interest increases one’s probability to succeed in future.
  • Research your management degree options: whether your field of interest has a good demand in the market? Does it ensure you a decent remuneration in future? Will it help you grow as an executive or an entrepreneur? And does it satisfy your hunger for learning or thirst for knowledge?

After clearly defining your career goalsMBA Program pertaining to the management education, next step involves considering the career options after completion of MBA. In addition to the conventional job roles, MBA degree holders can try their hand at various novel career options. Take a look at them.

New Career options after MBA

The sheen and shine of an MBA degree has only increased over the past few years. MBA graduates are making headlines year after year for either initiating their own venture or being hired as an expert consultant at a record high salary in a multinational company.

Due to the various methods of business working being developed, the scope for a variety of jobs has been on the rise. Below mentioned are some of the new career opportunities and industries that can be preferred by the MBA graduates:

  1. Business consulting: Business consulting is an appealing career option after PGDM. The aspirants can make their career through roles of a financial advisor in financial institutions or in banks. They can also take up the career of an IT advisor in a tech firm. No matter what your specialization is in your management study, it makes you well equipped to become a consultant. The right position could be selected as per the core subjects in PGDM, your interest, and aptitude.
  2. Researcher /Analyst: Another profession which management students can pursue after their education is ‘Researcher/Analyst’. The research institutions and organizations provide several opportunities to work with them in the given professional role. Usually, students having a good hold over Mathematics get hired as business analysts or analytical experts by these organizations.
  3. Government Jobs: MBA graduates looking for better perks along with job security can consider the Government job sector. Few benefits attached to such jobs are higher pay, easy working hours, medical facilities, chance to travel across different states of India, transparency in promotion and several other perks.Top Government job options after MBA are:
    • Marketing officer in Government Banks
    • Personnel officer in Banks
    • Management trainee position for MBA freshers in different PSUs
    • Additional Programme officer in different government agencies
    • General manager post at various PSUs and bank
  4. Profession in teaching: Students with an inclination towards the teaching profession can apply for the post of a lecturer after their post-graduate degree and appearing for the NET exam. The pay scale for professors teaching in management institutions is reasonably good. Several MBA pass outs even prefer to open their coaching institute for aspiring management students and train them to clear the various entrance exams.
  5. E-commerce Industry: Big e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Makemytrip, Pepperfry and many more such companies hire PGDM candidates for various roles in the e-commerce industry. They usually look for the individuals who can handle the challenges and dynamism of e-commerce industry from day 1.

If you opt for e-commerce industry, then your office would be in best cities of India or abroad. A PGDM / MBA graduate can fill various roles from HR division to the marketing teams. This industry is though in early stages in India, but gives the flexibility to work in different areas of interests.

The Concluding Note

A degree in Management Education is considered to be the most desired asset for the youth of today.  Not only is it a matter of social status, a PGDM / MBA degree opens doors to countless opportunities for an individual in the world outside campus.  The degree, that has the reputation of a golden goose directs to diverse career opportunities.

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