Why do we emphasize so much on choosing the Right Business School

The definition of a “right business school” may stand different for every individual but the crux is always the same i.e. it should be able to provide enough resources to make the student a well-deserving management degree holder. All business schools provide basic infrastructure, teaching facilities, systematic academia, etc. but only a few of them can be distinguished from others. How?  India is a progressive […]

My life before and after MBA

Living in a mega city like Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is an overwhelming place to sustain and earning an unstable income while supporting a family of four is definitely a herculean task. I used to work as a Medical Representative in a huge pharmaceutical company well-known for its diverse variety of products. Every day as the alarm went crazy at 8 am in the […]

Top 10 Reasons to Study an MBA from Best Business School in  Gujarat 

MBA degree has probably become the most opted post-graduated course in India. Engineers, computer professionals, an arts graduate, and other bachelor’s degree holders are pursuing MBA and related management programmes to build a techie-manager combo. This is undoubtedly boosting their career trajectory. There are more reasons why studying MBA from Gujarat will give more return on investment.   A survey by General Management Admission Council […]

PGDM vs MBA-Does this discussion has an end? 

PGDM or MBA, what to choose further? A hot potato for every graduate aspiring to pursue a career in the management domain. Before starting the never-ending debate, one must understand the basic terminology of both the programs. MBA refers to Master in Business Administration which is a degree course for over 2 years offered by institutes that are affiliated to some university. […]

Life Changing Experience at Narayana Business School

Unfolding the best at one of the best MBA college in Ahmedabad “Is this you, Harshita?”, I whispered to myself, at a very low note.  Even before I could think and answer back…  A lot of good wishes and appreciation started pouring in!   Those surprising souls, those happy faces, those appreciative eyes, which bloomed up, […]

How to Fix Your Broken LinkedIn Profile and Create One That Makes Recruiters Come to You 

Having more than 200 million users throughout the world LinkedIn has made its presence amongst all its rivalry products. Nowadays, having a LinkedIn account or a LinkedIn profile is important in order to lend up in a perfect job.  LinkedIn Jobs, a job hunting site is the most preferred social network for the professionals as well as for those who trust LinkedIn for their job hunt process. A study says […]