Why Should One Choose Integrated BBA + MBA Over a Regular One? Here are 7 Reasons that will Clear the Unclear

Today’s student appears to be more visionary and thus plan to make an early choice. The reason for
this is the increasing importance of competitiveness and formation of super specialized verticals in
the corporate that demand well-equipped personnel. The promising future prospects for technical
professionals have prompted students to seek out courses in which they may enroll early and
thereby competently graduate without having to spend additional money and time.
The Integrated MBA Program is a five-year programme for students who have completed class XII
and want to pursue a career in business management. It improves students’ managerial abilities,
knowledge and overall developing their personality which is corporate fit. Students who choose to
pursue a five-year integrated MBA will have multiple advantages. Here is the list of reasons that

Why Integrated MBA is the preferred option than doing MBA after BBA?

Corporate business world is a dynamic, ever changing world and those who aspire to be a part of it have a lot to learn. Integrated MBA is an opportunity to give a head start to your management career. It makes you market-ready and also helps in cultivating the skills required to excel as a leader at managerial positions. It is a seamless course in continuation that’s well-planned and gives thorough practice to the students of every aspect of management.

CEO Age Bar – No Bar

Quite often there’s an adage “Age is just a number” same doesn’t imply to budding entrepreneurs. When the moniker “Startup” buzzes in the minds of individuals be it early twenties or old fifties, some preconceived notions about the success rates with the parlance of “Age factor” often arises in the mind. There are folks who say older founders are more likely to succeed in building billion-dollar companies, and there are people who say founders come up with the best ideas in their early twenties.


CA embeds you with the holistic learning for Accountancy and Finance. It has a confined scope in Financial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and Regulatory Environment. Adding PGDM Quantitative Finance will not only infuse the knowledge of Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and core Finance, but also of Management, Leadership, and Intellectual & Communication Skills, to get you to sit in the Ferrari of corporate excellence. 

NBS- Sculpting Careers during adverse times.

One place where there is a pocket full of stories, memories, bunks, and n number of other things hidden. Generally, it’s the last place where one goes with the objective of degree or let’s say thereafter one gets into a life which has serious responsibilities.

The past year of my personal and college life has taught me one huge lesson: Nothing is certain and Nothing is Predictable. The pandemic hasn’t left a single thing untouched, I believe the life at NBS would have elevated even further if I had been here when Covid wasn’t. College life is a feeling of a roller coaster and this journey always differs from person to person for someone it could be super fun, for others it could be just usual or neutral, but what’s for sure is “The Transformation” It doesn’t matter with what goals and aims one enters the college, after the completion of this journey there is a visible transformation in the personality of a person.

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