15 Top Indian Start-ups 2018

Many people often tend to have a negative notion when it comes to start-ups and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are a must for the overall growth and development of a country because they work along hard to transform their seed of an idea into a practical application which is definitely something that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. With the commercialization of […]

Why do we emphasize so much on choosing the Right Business School

The definition of a “right business school” may stand different for every individual but the crux is always the same i.e. it should be able to provide enough resources to make the student a well-deserving management degree holder. All business schools provide basic infrastructure, teaching facilities, systematic academia, etc. but only a few of them can be distinguished from others. How?  India is a progressive […]

My life before and after MBA

Living in a mega city like Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is an overwhelming place to sustain and earning an unstable income while supporting a family of four is definitely a herculean task. I used to work as a Medical Representative in a huge pharmaceutical company well-known for its diverse variety of products. Every day as the alarm went crazy at 8 am in the […]

Top 10 Reasons to Study an MBA from Best Business School in  Gujarat 

MBA degree has probably become the most opted post-graduated course in India. Engineers, computer professionals, an arts graduate, and other bachelor’s degree holders are pursuing MBA and related management programmes to build a techie-manager combo. This is undoubtedly boosting their career trajectory. There are more reasons why studying MBA from Gujarat will give more return on investment.   A survey by General Management Admission Council […]

PGDM vs MBA-Does this discussion has an end? 

PGDM or MBA, what to choose further? A hot potato for every graduate aspiring to pursue a career in the management domain. Before starting the never-ending debate, one must understand the basic terminology of both the programs. MBA refers to Master in Business Administration which is a degree course for over 2 years offered by institutes that are affiliated to some university. […]

Life Changing Experience at Narayana Business School

Unfolding the best at one of the best MBA college in Ahmedabad “Is this you, Harshita?”, I whispered to myself, at a very low note.  Even before I could think and answer back…  A lot of good wishes and appreciation started pouring in!   Those surprising souls, those happy faces, those appreciative eyes, which bloomed up, […]