“An Unforgettable Experience Every ” – Bishal Hazarika from Narayana Business School

Every student who is pursuing a degree in management, is compulsorily needed to work in a company for a short duration, which lasts for 8-10 weeks, during which a student applies all his theoretical knowledge as well as his skills in practical world. It is an integral part of any management course, which is termed as “Summer Internship Program” or commonly referred as “internship”. Here, a student gets a chance to explore the corporate world and its ups and downs.

Bishal Hazarika from Narayana Business SchoolBeing a management student I too got a chance to do the same. And finally the day came for which our mentors were training us from past few months which included mock interviews, personality development, subject guidance, etc. and then, the internship dates were declared and so were the companies.

It was 14th March, 2014, when the well-known beverages MNC, Coca Cola Hindustan Pvt. Ltd. came to our college i.e. Narayan Business School. And I was scheduled for the interview the same day in my college. I reached there on time, very well dressed in formal attire, short hairs, NEAT AND CLEAN. I was much tensed as it was my life’s first interview and that too with a big and well-known MNC. I remember I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I practiced a lot with my teachers in mock interview, but this feeling was different, as it was not mock, it was for REAL. So, finally the name was called and I was the first one to be interviewed. I entered the room and greeted the HR, and then the interview was started. For the next 15 minutes, questions were shot one by one, and I answered them quite good. And then it was over.

Read on to explore the interesting projects he undertook with Coca-Cola.

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