From your time as a student to your post-graduate experience as alumni, NBS support and amenities continues…

NBS, strongly believe that our Alumni are our prized possession and valued ambassador. To concede the achievements of our beloved Alumni, NBS has established an Alumni cell which would aim not only to connect all Alumni’s but also to increase interactions for mutual growth of all.

Being a part of the Alumni Cell, they can showcase their outstanding achievements and accomplishments in their professional careers.

They can also be Mentors and live examples of corporate leaders to upcoming aspirants.

NBS has more than 8500 alumni placed in leading positions in corporate sectors.

Contact Us

Ms Vidhi Patel
Administrative Officer- Alumni Cell
Narayana Business School,
Sanathal, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat – 382210
Tel: 9979000570

Alumni Achievers

Name: Pranav Chudgar
Designation: Treasury Transformation
Organisation: Ernst & Young

Name: Sambhav Shah
Designation: Financial Advisor
Organisation: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Name: Sudarshan Aggrawal
Designation: Asset-Backed Finance
Organisation: GenPact

Name: Jay Trivedi
Designation: Founder
Organisation: ValServe Group

Name: Anand Shankar
Designation: Co-Founder
Organisation: Finheal Capital

Name: Pratik A Shah
Designation: Director
Organisation: Knowcraft Analytics Pvt Ltd

Name: Krupa Parikh
Designation: Financial Coach
Organisation: RSET

Name: Udit Shah
Designation: Manager
Organisation: S&P Global

Name: Jobin Mathew
Designation: Supply Chain Manager
Organisation: Deep Industries Limited

Name: Aashna Shah
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Organisation: Convergesol

Name: Abhishek Jagtap
Designation: Accountant (Team Leader)
Organisation: PARTIY Techno Solutions India LLP

Name: Dhaval Raiththa
Designation: Business Development Manager
Organisation: MyGate

Name: Dhiren Savla
Designation: Assistant Manager
Organisation: CitiBank

Name: Hinal Sharma
Designation: Vivo Gujarat
Organisation: Key Account Manager

Name: Jay Chaturvedi
Designation: Academic Consultant
Organisation: Jaro Education

Name: Jay Shah
Designation: Business Development Manager
Organisation: Polycab India Limited

Name: Meet Desai
Designation: Sr. Sales officer
Organisation: Berger Paints India Ltd.

Name: Mithil Joshi
Designation: Managing Director
Organisation: M J Link PTE Ltd.

Name: Nilam Jain
Designation: Business Development Associate
Organisation: Byjus

Name: Rahul Rachhadiya
Designation: Deputy Manager
Organisation: SBI Mutual Funds

Name: Ravina Gupta
Designation: Key Account Manager
Organisation: OYO

Name: Riddhi Lodhari
Designation: Relationship Manager
Organisation: Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd

Name: Tapan Dave
Designation: Territory Manager
Organisation: Bajaj Finserv

Name: Tintu Bhadran
Designation: Area Sales Manager
Organisation: Zimmer Group

Name: Urmil Solanki
Designation: Sales Specialist
Organisation: Vosysus Technical

Name: Vishal Tiwari
Designation: Zonal Manager
Organisation: NoPaperForms Solution Pvt Ltd.

Name: Ashish Choudhary
Designation: Manager
Organisation: Tipsons group

Name: Deep Ganatra
Designation: Marketing Manager
Organisation: Kognitive Marketing

Name: Nirav Raina
Designation: Marketing Manager
Organisation: Walmart Operations

Name: Palak Jain
Designation: Manager – F&A
Organisation: Befree Resource Planning LLP

Name: Rikshit Pandya
Designation: Financial Planner
Organisation: Allegiance Money Managers

Name: Umang Shah
Designation: Manager
Organisation: MGP Petroleum

Name: Yash Talaviya
Designation: Managing Director
Organisation: Yash Agro Chemicals

Name: Imroz Mansuri
Designation: Assistant Professor
Organisation: Narayana Business School

Name: Akshay Kuhada
Designation: Import & Inventory Manager
Organisation: Golden Swan Malabo Africa

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