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Narayana Business School (NBS) – A Leading B School in India the genesis and journey of over 19 years, founded by core academicians with a vision to transform students into corporate ready professionals through continuous nurturing.

NBS is inextricable with interactive and inclusive learning focused sharply on students’ skills and attributes developing cultural agility, flexibility and ability to compete in the global market. We stride towards mission to develop tomorrows Global leaders and enter the world of corporate as leaders and entrepreneurs.

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A two years full time PGDM is the institute’s flagship program with strong focus on Acquisition, Application and Assimilation of knowledge thereby creating confident managers of tomorrow.

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A two years full time NBS MBA program designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience in terms of management theories and its practical application with emphasis being laid on broadening their career horizons.

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Executive PGDM

An 18 months uniquely crafted program for working professionals and entrepreneurs aimed at providing focused academic exposure in management studies in order to revolutionize the face of industry.

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The chartered financial analysis program is a professional credential offered internationally by the US based CFA institute aimed at enhancing the global financial management profession & investment management.

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Our Awards & Recognition

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  • Creativity and thinking out of the box is the requisite element which we incorporate.
  • Narayana Business School is among the TOP Business Schools in India spread across 6 Acres of state-of-the-art infrastructure with integrated sports complex in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • NBS opens the door of world of entrepreneurialism.
  • NBS stands tall for its huge Research and Incubation center.
  • Strategic, critical and Analytical thinking is the mental approach engraved with education.



  • You develop the Jugaad attitude which is the New Management technique through Creativity and out of box thinking.
  • There is a serene atmosphere at the NBS Campus which promotes the willingness to learn and study more. Physical Sports activities give the required break and energy boost.
  • Your innovative ideas get incubated at the campus.
  • You understand the 360 degrees implications of your ideas.
  • There is a perfect blend of long term and short term thought process which leads to application of the concepts learned.



  • Chances of you being ahead in the competition increases multifold due to the thought process cultivated.
  • The Right Atmosphere plays a crucial role in igniting the mind to work and think in the right directions.
  • Your hidden intention of doing well to society is fulfilled as your entrepreneurial skills are satisfied.
  • The innovative ideas get a chance to be testified against different situations and industry mentors at the campus. Their practical experience serves as a key to turning your ideas into execution.
  • While on the job or in your business you develop the perspective that is expected to prove yourself the best by offering a customized solutions.



  • The college boasts of Alumni base of more than 8000+ students. This is testimony to the fact that indeed, we have created strong corporate citizens.
  • Due to the strong network that college possesses with the Alumni network, the placements are a cake walk for college.
  • Alumni’s are continuously involved in evolving & consulting better strategies to the corporate / institutions they are working for.
  • The college has gained a lot of branding and visibility due to the performance they have given in the corporate world.
  • Alumni’s could be found visiting the college on regular basis and they enrich the college through the rich experience they have gained over the years.

Accreditation & Associations

What Our Students Say

  • NARAYANA, the best years of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks to all the members of NARAYANA. I need to never look back, because the NARAYANA experience is still within me guiding my way ahead. All the best for the current batch students. “We Can/ We Will /We Should” is the only Mantra NARAYANA teaches.

    Pranav Chudgar
    VP Treasury,
  • NBS, the only place where I transformed myself from a student to an “updated student”. NBS gave a feeling that every moment I surpassed a blend of new ideas. The faculties at NBS walks every step with us to make us not only intelligent but also intellectual.The joy of practical learning @ nbs is how we create a change.

    Shriya Shah
    Shirya Shah
    Supply Chain Management Executive,
  • Narayana helped me to realize my career aspirations and prepared me to acquire true leadership qualities – the right combination of attitude, skill and knowledge to play the role of a successful manager that I am.

    Vishal Tiwari
    Vishal Tiwari
    City Head - Sales & Marketing
  • Narayana leaves no stone unturned in reaching out to its students far beyond the obvious. Great leaders are like the best conductors, they reach beyond the notes to the magic in the players. In the campus interviews at NBS, all types of companies came so that the students get the jobs of their interests.

    Ravina Gupta
    Ravina Gupta
    Corporate Sales
    Oyo Rooms
  • To take admission in Narayana was the best decision I have ever made.The environment of the college is impressive and stimulating, where one can hone the “skills” and deepen the “knowledge”. I learnt to do individual projects, class participation, group assignments, class presentations, etc.

    Twinkle Hilwala
    Virtual Relationship Manager
    HDFC Bank
  • NARAYANA BUSINESS SCHOOL is one of finest B-school in Gujarat. Here all students can learn how to prepare themselves in corporate sector through practical work . NBS gave a such great platform to me to transform myself to get into the corporate world.

    Dhruv Sheladiya
    Dhruv Sheladiya
    Managing Director
    Satkar Group

What Our Recruiters Say

  • My experience in hiring candidates was very good. Good welcome by the managers, placement and training officers. All the students were well Groomed and Smart.

    Overall great experience in Narayana Business School and would love further to do business with them.

    oriqa ltd
    Oriqa Limited
  • It Was A Pleasant Experience working with Narayana Business School.
    The Candidates Had Good Blend Of Theoretical Knowledge And Practical Insight

  • The Quality of students are very good and their learning and implementation skills are outstanding. A great management institution embedded with excellent spiritual values and outstanding learning environment. Truly a great B-School to groom up as a Leader for Today & Tomorrow

    indigo paints
    Indigo Paints
  • We have been hiring from Narayana Business School and we feel proud to be associated with them. The quality of students has been becoming better over the years along with the strong support of the placement team. The dedication and hard work of college is visible in students. The students had the conceptual understanding that we require.
    It has been a great association and we are happy to have NBS as our recruitment partner.

    S&P Global
  • We had a great experience of recruiting students from Narayana Business School. The placement team and Purvi madame understood the profile in such detail that we could pick the right candidates. The students had good communication skills and all were well groomed.
    We wish to be regularly associated with nbs for quality candidates.

    OYO Rooms
  • Narayana Business School had a very different approach for recruitment of students. Our experience was great with them. The overall team at the college has done a great job as a team work. Students had the right approach and required skill set. Students could well understand our requirements.


News & Updates

  • They say education is passport for future. At NBS, we prepare you today, for that brightest future, where you are independent, successful and leading your life with your passion.
S&P Global, Toyota, Vodafone and many more global companies recruit the best talents from our institute and our students indeed are living a gainful life today.
We welcome you to join this flourishing community of leaders, first step towards your successful life at Narayana Business School - The most Loved Business School of India.
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  • Classroom training has always been considered the most effective form of learning. Attending a class might seem dull to many of you, because it requires an investment of time and effort, but the rewards are truly significant.
The classroom environment removes you from the distractions of everyday life so you can focus on improving your development skills. With NBS classroom training, you have the opportunity to interact with expert instructors in person and discuss ideas and problems with your peers and colleagues. And that is as bright as the outdoor trainings or the workshops, right?
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  • Hello all,19+ years! That is a whole lot of time!
@nbs.edu.in | Narayana Business SchoolWhat started as a dream in the form of a small education venture 19+ years ago has taken a shape of a Huge, Mammoth Educational Organization that transcends every boundary when it comes to become the most Loved Business School of India.Technically, we and @Google started around the same time and in similar situations. :) Now - in 2019, we can proudly say that, in those 19+ years we have touched the lives of 8000+ students who are firmly placed in 312+ most Successful Businesses and Companies of India. On top of that we have been able to confirm a campus placement for each and every student that translates into 100% placement record.
We take immense pride in turning our students into the Best Management People the world can witness by giving them exposure through Cutting Edge Corporate Skills and our Global Immersion Program as an add-on where students can work on their internships in some of the best cities in the world. e.g NewYork , London, United Kingdom,  California and many more... You have just finished the most significant part of your education and now is the time to take that plunge into the most exciting and corporate phase of your life.We warmly welcome you to join us at  Narayana Business School to Kick-Start your Management Journey with the most Loved Business School of India.
Loads of love and regards,Amit Gupta
Founder | Director
Narayana Business School
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  • At NBS, we truly believe that every student has a special skill, a special potential. And we help them to develop the same with our Value Added Programs so that they can excel in their desired career path.
NBS Value Added Programs are specially crafted, keeping every student's passion and business know-hows on mind. Our Personality Development Course could help you to excel in  your career as well as other aspects of your life.
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  • We have just received an award - India's Most Prominent Education Awards 2019 - Presented by MC Mary Kom - one of the most celebrated boxers in the world to our Director - Amit Gupta :) Thank you so much for being part of our glorious journey of 19 years and make us shine! We could not have achieved these moments of pride without your trust and support.#NBS #NarayanaBusinessScholl #Awards #EducationAwards2019
  • Your country's future depends on your vote.
Don't miss your chance to Vote!#NBS #election2019 #indiaelections #vote #generalelections2019 #election2019 #ahmedabad_instagram #instagram_ahmedabad #instagood #amdavad #votes
  • Your gateway to become a successful business leader!
Registrations open for MBA & PGDM programs. Apply Today.#NBS #PGDM #MBA #Ahmedabad #instagood #ahmedabad_instagram #instagram_ahmedabad #admissions #students
  • The Best B-School in India!
Get in touch with us to know more.
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  • The Best Move For Your Career!
Choose NBS for your business education today!
Registrations open for MBA & PGDM programs.
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